it just so happen on the same day...
im not complaining,
but, just....
pls don't happen next year and ever again.


treasure hunt

when i saw this shop, i was speechless.
the whole shop is stocked with different antique "felt" wooden boxes.
& i couldn't stop humming rod stewart's song "that old feeling".....

some small ones have sizes suitable for my craft, jewels, paper cutting or anything;
or large ones like suitcases suitable for cloth and magazines.......
it was a huge challenge for me to pick out these 2 from the stacks.
i was really really falling in the shop.
kept asking the lady to take this and that down for me to have a look.
& she was very happy and proud to say that her dad made all these.
if i was not with my family, i could probably be staying there for few hours.
i must visit there again soon.

the one with "SOAP" on it was the original one i picked,
i want to put my hand-made soaps in there.....isn't it just meant to be mine?
but i turned out to get the 2 matched color boxes.....
maybe next time, i will take you home, wait for me.


summer is here, let's chill out !

too hot & humid in these days, dun wanna to go out.
the only thing can make me happy is wondering around at the flower market.

white & green can cool me down a bit in this weather,
nice for just admiring at them in the summer afternoonsssss !


too romantic : melody gardot "baby i'm a fool"

love this song
love the music like in the classic movies
love her voice
love NYC

feel the different layers

recently, i have joined a group called "瘋狂料理同門", members will post up recent dishes, and friends in which are showing a supportive role....
hey, that really encourage me to cook more tho'.

chocolate banana cake is relatively easy to handle as it doesn't involve any baking step^^. however, it still a complicated cake as of it's layers with different ingredients, have to wait 1 layer to set & then to make another layer.

i should make a mango/ green tea one later this week (the only reason is they are available in my kitchen) !

eric give me 95/100, & i like it too ! 

materials & method (for a 5" x 7" mold)
1st layer: 朱古力海棉蛋糕一片

2nd layer: banana mousse

mashed banana 70g
sugar 2 teaspoon
lemon juice few drops
gelatin powder 1 teaspoon 
whipping cream 70g

1. melt gelatin powder + 1 teaspoon sugar + 1 teaspoon hot water
2. mashed banana + 1 teaspoon sugar + lemon juice, microwave 1 minute
3. add 2 to 1, and wait to cool
4. whipped the cream + 3, and layer on, freeze till set

3rd layer: chocolate mousse

milk 60 g 
egg yolk 1pc
sugar 1 tablespoon
gelatin powder 1.5 teaspoon
chocolate 80g
whipping cream 100g
brandy 1 teaspoon

1. melt gelatin powder + 1 teaspoon sugar + 1 teaspoon hot water
2. heat up milk in microwave for 1 minute
3. mix egg yolk+ remaining sugar, add to 2 with stirring 
4. melt the chocolate, and add 3 in it, then add 1, add brandy
5. whipped the cream + 4, and layer on, freeze till set

4th layer: chocolate coat

water 40 g
whipping cream 30 g 
chocolate powder 25 g
gelatin powder 1 teaspoon
sugar 1/2 teaspoon

1. gelatin + sugar + water, heat & bring to boil
2. add chocolate powder & cream
3. let the mixture to cool down to room temperature & pour on cake top
4. freeze till set