playing at central

if you see these 2 silly ppl wondering at central, please report to the police immediately !
our motto of 2009 : have fun

we were originally making it as gif format,
but blogspot doesn't allow us to upload an animation... donno why...
this is not the HD video from 5d, must clarify !!! :P


not a professional

been to the quiet central w/ eric this afternoon,
we walked & took photos, we laughed & were acting silly :P
didn't master 5D very well yet,
but surely it takes very sharp photos;
& the shutter sound is different from 400D....cool :P

i think i need to practice more,
had a very happy day today......


2 crazy shoppers

2 crazy shoppers just bought 5d mark II after dinner (with less than 5 minutes of serious thought to make a decision).


cny gathering dinner

dinner at king ludwig beerhall with eric's family last night,
this is our "cny gathering dinner", we are not quite following the tradition this year.
food are good ! & we were so full !
can we have italian food on " Nin Chor 1" ?!
i like italian.

sneak out to macau

daddy got 2 free nights staying at the venetian,
so we sneaked out there before CNY.
there were very few people in the mall/ in the casino, which was great!

found many beautiful lightings everywhere.

had buffet dinner at 4 seasons, i gave them 5 stars in terms of food and service !

mom complained the restaurant did not offer scissors for alaska "long legs" crabs,
the manager came and said "we can take out the meat for you!"
and gave us back this !
& the dessert is sth cannot miss out.
i had petite 6.
too bored, so played with the dessert.
watched zaia, cirque du soueil. it was fun.


think pink & green

pink & green, make a very refreshing centerpiece at home.
a little bit of freesia (my favorite too!) added the lovely smell !
it is so nice to keep inhaling the floral smell when typing in front of the computer.



a pretty church Béthanie

went to Béthanie for kaman + kahing's wedding,
i have been fancy about this church for long,
a very quiet place with beautiful building.

too bad it was not opened for wedding ceremony 2.5 yrs ago,
otherwise, this must be my wedding venue.

it was the main shooting scene of the movie "星願".
i like that film.


CNY craft 2009

CNY wreath for the front door,
hand sew 2 "fai chun", and 2 tangerines. cute cute !
took me a whole night, but i was very happy making it.
will our neighbour thinks we are too childish ?


gift idea: iwood

i found this very neat iphone protective cage from miniot abouit a week before x'mas,
& decided as x'mas gift for eric immediately.

tho' the shippment is late as a x'mas gift (we received it this thursday),

eric loves it. i think most of the men will like it.

checked on the internet, said shops @ sin tat also help ppl to make order,
but the price is > double than order online.
so, why not order by ourselves ?

to tim: eric asks your comment about it, pretty?


have a sip

to jac,
i got this coffee pot last week from starbucks coffee,
it's bodum, pretty pattern on it.
thanks for your nice coffee !

watching the show "coffee confidential" hosts by moses chan now,
a very serious show talks about coffee and cafe over the world.

harvest & packaging

the 1st+2nd batches of handmade soap are now ready to use, wrapped them up this afternoon.
so, i can have more space to put another batch.
eric is complaining our home turns to soap factory >.<

roselle, finally meet you.

beautiful natural color from roselle.
got 1/2 pound fresh organic roselle from the market too!

the first time i heard the word "roselle" was about 1.5 years ago from vivi,
but cannot find them in HK

seems they are very healthy to us,
i love its sour taste !


strawberry dream

went to this market in the afternoon,
bought 2 pots of organic strawberries which was my childhood dream.
the red one was exceuted after dinner, it's so sweet !!!!