x'mas wreath 2009

using the left over pine leaves to make this wreath.
i love it very much !!!


x'mas table centerpiece

a dining table centerpiece with different texture of purplish pink & silver x'mas balls.
inspired by my floral teacher who transformed this festive hanging ornament to a flower container !

for the last 3 years, i bought fresh x'mas pine from the flower market.
and i got pretty good bargain price this year..hohoho.... can make a lots of things now....
firstly, made this lovely table centerpiece with great smell !

hummmm, smell so good !


counting down for X'mas

it's getting all excited when i finished the big wedding deco job last Tue,
and now can start the little hand make stuff for the coming X'mas....
yeah !

want to make different sizes of snowflakes as hanging ornaments on my tree,
set the theme colors as red+white.....
how many should i make ?

if time is allowed, i will get some fresh pine/ cedar leaves to make a wreath or centerpiece,
just like this and this :P



Da da......
my photo first time appeared in a local magazine !
Eric bought me a copy early this morning !

I'm no. 12 !
Eric said I should get a larger space for my pic....
he teased that I should call the magazine authority and complain about it.....gee..

but the text is the longest among all... hehe....

this is the original pic taken at Toronto last year !


dinner tonight !

hairy crab season is here !
haha, but my favorite is the ginger brown sugar soup !