everlasting hydrangea

this is amazing, hydrangea used to be a short-life flower type.... but this one can surprisingly survive for 2 weeks, yes, 2 weeks !!!
i did a little different arrangement with the greenery. lol


many things

too many things are going on recently, too lazy me have not updated in here.
and more more things coming up next week.......
pwee..... i need a break.

got a cheque from Citybank/Octopus today, the lowest amount of cheque i have ever received. it's HKD6 !!! will the bank charge me for any administration fee if i deposit it ????

i am attending floral arrangement classes at central every Wednesday night after work.
enjoying it very much


on our 3rd annniversary

we had our anniversary dinner at Case fina,
they serve wonderful oysters of different kinds,
on this oyster platter: africa rock, irish gigas, fine de claire, fine de special, cadoret and sea whelk

an encore round: mexican pacific, scottish rock and langebaan
scottish rock is the best !

we found agnes b la pain grille have better baby blue (see here), which their white sauce taste better. this one is more "cheesy taste"... donno why...

i think the creme burlee is a bit too big.....
it should be served in a 2.5" container....
but, taste still good

okay, i made a better chocolate warm pudding !!!

anyway, it's highly recommended for the main dishes and seafood !
and advance reservation is needed.

Case fina Seafood and Oyster bar
2504 2928