ho ho mei !

i think i made the best in town !

seafood risotto with panfried scallop & white fish & lots and lots of mushroom !!!
tips: a touch of white wine, chicken broth 250 ml and about 4 cups of water.

and a generous handful of parmasen cheese after remove from heat.

best serve with a glass of riesling !

a very good sauce for the salad :
romain lattuce : light cream + a bit of english mustard + a bit of white truffle cream !!!!--> mix well.

"chiu'' yummy !!


a recent design piece

eric throw me a word the other day : "vintage",
and i said, let's get some vintage feel flowers !

love the dirty pink roses instantly when i saw them !
perfect for my vintage flower arrangement !

this becomes my wallpaper now XD


yay, soap engine starts !

yay, finally got an update in my dusty soap blog
had so much fun in making soap again !
made 2 batches in a row !

i want to get some heart shape moulds..
but those on the market are not pretty enough..
the heart shape is either to thin or too fat !