o...x'mas tree

every year, i will buy a little bit of new ornament for christmas.
this year, i found this lovely "blow glass" birdie !
very cute, very delicate.
a set of six are on my tree now.
the theme of last year was using silver & gold butterflies.

i will attend a x'mas wreath making class in the coming month using real pine...
um... i love the smell of pine leaves.
wishing the class day will come faster !

new project

attended a soap-making class on saturday night at prince edward,
this ginger soap is a gift from teacher linda & her brother-in-law.

i learned not only the chemistry of NaOH+H2O+oil=soap (hey the F.4 chem !), but also the calculation of INS, SAP values, which are v. important in soap making.

my "products" are now setting for 24hrs to become solidified,
& then 4-6 more weeks to maturation,
hope they can be ready as X'mas gifts !

handmade soaps are good for those who have itchy skin after using the shower gel,
it also good for the environment as they will be decomposed by CO2 in 24 hrs.
with the additions of different oil, essential oil or herbal powder,
the value & function of the handmade soup is added ! :P


purple fantasy

many of my wedding clients love puple+white to be their wedding theme.
it's a favorite color of girls (how about men?).....

today's my client Polyxena & Jackie's wedding, "Happy Wedding!";
they came to me about 2 months before their wedding,
the time is a bit rush for making a seatingplan with guest name printed, and some other things, but luckily everything runs smoothly.

i intentionally picked the deep purple for her, blending with the light purple flowers and cream roses.
feel very happy after this welcome board is done. all those bad moods of the whole week are gone.

to my surprise, the 2nd most combination that many brides pick would be yellow+ white... but since many have discussed with me about flowers, they asked about what kind of yellow flowers can be used.... hum... let me try try next week sin :P


black monday

i have experienced the most horrible black monday ever.
everything was not right.
there were obstacles/ bombs everywhere.
almost cried out yesterday.

wish me luck & have a smoother weekdays...


flower design class III

attended the 3rd class of flower arrangment last Sunday.
we learned to make bouquet for winter!

specially love the leaves in pink ! haven't seen them before on market.
the combination of differnt red flowers makes it very hot !


personalized x'mas bear

finally have time to finish it up,
well, the red ribbon makes it very x'mas, i think.
the initial charms are from spotlight last week.


another fabric

brought this back home from spotlight,
very cath kidston.
what should i make with it?


sth must share today

went to spotlight today, the lace curtain are on-sale!!!
all ready-to-use curtain are 50% off !!!
guess how much is this piece (2.5m x 1.6m)?
just only HKD69!!!

i didn't pick those rosy ones, but found this classy pattern, my love !

you can pick the "drop lenght" in any pattern that you want !
so simple !
1. the price may varied in different pattern
2. better have the measurment in your hand first (no refund/exchange for the fabric) !
3. minimum order:1 meter

the section is okay huge with many choices & i will definitely go back there once again few days later.

the 50% off sale will last till 20th this month !
better hurry !

3 hrs free parking on sat/sun/ph (if enter b4 12noon) at Megabox
or free for HKD200 purchases (other time!)

suddenly love this place &as we cannot find such similiar place in HK.

i feel a bit sad to see the staff are standing everywhere.. chatting...starring at 1 point with no focus in their eyes...and basically, there is not much customers around.
(tho' shops in shum shui po are a lot cheaper for buying buttons, ribbons, fabrics...)
i hope it will not close down so soon.....


playing with flowers

purple + pink tone this time !
with a scent candle at the back.

in bird-cage....

really want to get a bigger cage.... but i need a bigger house for that first~_~


fini !

2nd day workshop tonight, finished and submitted it.

i named it Ami, means friend in french.

saying hi to everyone.

i do think it looks better without eyes, nose, and mouth.....

to aileen:
i've asked the staff at felissimo,
they said they don't have a deadline, and u can submit it anytime.

mur mur mur

i must say i am EXAUSTED this week....
couldn't sleep well at all.. with lots of mo-liu dreams everynight.

i will be even more busy in the coming weekend..
2 weddings to attend: 1 on saturday, the other on next mon at the same venue !!!!
Sunday will be fully occupied with:
flower arrangment class, backdrop set-up and meeting w/ new client.

i wanna to take a day-off, but it seems impossible.
busy busy experiments plus many urgent requests,
taking care of cell culture is like baby sitting...
i have 7 babies (cancer cell lines) to take care now.... >_<



人生中只弄了四五次, 因為工序繁覆.
大王這次也有幫手, 去掉骨頭部份.

雞翼的調味只用了一種, 就是四季牌鹽焗雞粉.
1磅雞翼落半包粉便夠, 其他的都不用囉; 很方便.
姨姨開西餐廳, 大廚教路把這些也一起奄肉類會令肉類更美味 !


a little charity function:: felissimo happy toy (half way done)

finished the main sewing part of the project.
the remaining part will be done within the 2nd day of workshop next week

it's very fun making this stuffed toy..
cannot stop once you start.

can't wait to start making another one in solid color.. and with my favorite lace on it.. :P