what a wonderful wedding

okay, time should be back to normal,
and i hope i should have more time to spend on this blog.
Eric's baby sister, Krima, whose wedding was held yesterday.
yes, eric & i were the destined designer, semi-planner, and florist for the whole wedding.

it was... extremely harsh, making us "big head", spending the most most of the time in brainstorming, but the rewards were exceptionally huge !

okay, i must say, everyone is loving the whole decoration in the banquet, we were hearing the big big big compliments in the night. it was everything to me & eric.

one thing that touched me the most is, the very very famous wedding photographer in HK, Lawrence Tsang, gave us a lots & lots of praises and cheer words. (for those who doesn't know him, must see his works.)
he must have attended sooooooo many weddings, and should have seen many beautiful deco works before; but he told me "sincerely" that ours are the 2nd that he gave so many praises.
he even told me and eric these supporting words separately, which is truly a tremendous force to us to go a step further.

and eric thanks me many many times for all those hardships that he put on me, just because he was too stressful.

and from this experience, i know more about myself that having better organizing/ arrangement ability than i thought.

it was not at all easy to hold a theme wedding,
every detail, every little thing, from planning to making, to perfect.
yes, i am pursuing perfect thingssssss.

start from here, another step further. :D
Merry X'mas to all of you.


counting down

the big project is coming very very soon !
the guest favor part is done with the help of 2 moms & my aunt,
& there are still many things on the list....
we were extremely busy lately (seems even more busy than preparing for our own wedding).
eric & i are both very tense in fact.

i really really really want to "hea" later....
but seems the foreseeing vacation can only set in Feb 2010....sad...


x'mas wreath 2009

using the left over pine leaves to make this wreath.
i love it very much !!!


x'mas table centerpiece

a dining table centerpiece with different texture of purplish pink & silver x'mas balls.
inspired by my floral teacher who transformed this festive hanging ornament to a flower container !

for the last 3 years, i bought fresh x'mas pine from the flower market.
and i got pretty good bargain price this year..hohoho.... can make a lots of things now....
firstly, made this lovely table centerpiece with great smell !

hummmm, smell so good !


counting down for X'mas

it's getting all excited when i finished the big wedding deco job last Tue,
and now can start the little hand make stuff for the coming X'mas....
yeah !

want to make different sizes of snowflakes as hanging ornaments on my tree,
set the theme colors as red+white.....
how many should i make ?

if time is allowed, i will get some fresh pine/ cedar leaves to make a wreath or centerpiece,
just like this and this :P



Da da......
my photo first time appeared in a local magazine !
Eric bought me a copy early this morning !

I'm no. 12 !
Eric said I should get a larger space for my pic....
he teased that I should call the magazine authority and complain about it.....gee..

but the text is the longest among all... hehe....

this is the original pic taken at Toronto last year !


dinner tonight !

hairy crab season is here !
haha, but my favorite is the ginger brown sugar soup !


recent me

so... have been real busy and tired lately.
i mean seriously busy and tired.

trying to grap pieces from my memory now.....

~the throbbing sound in my left ear came back after the flu, annoying.....

~had a fight with eric at one night

~been dealing with some really really "ma fan" ppl

~quite smooth running in recent experiments in lab, and feeling real successful :D

~feeling ridiculous that someone continuously called my parents' home and their cell phones, and even at mid-nights. my brother and i are going to fight back. real piss me off.

~going to macau tomorrow ! real excited about that, which is our first wedding job outside hong kong. real happy that the newly weds invite us to attend the banquet as well .... :P

~feeling extremely blissful that some bride-to-be are trusting our design/ taste in terms of flower arrangement. actually, i am quite happy to discuss with people about flower things.

~met a very helpful and nice salesman from a lighting shop, tho' he was using some very professional terms which we were all ??????? in our heads.....

~ had a nice dinner with my bro last night


a step further

think i 'm now at the second level of flower arrangement, learning more complicated ones.....
this one involves lots of wiring... you cannot imagine the time & effort that spent on this one.....but definitely worth !

the bluish rusty color of hydrangea is pretty cool.
i love special things, and this is the kind.
i think i am in the right class.



from appledaily

「你知道怎樣洗菜的,來洗一點吧,你從來都不做!」高錕按妻子吩咐,用水冲洗白菜,笑着呢喃:「我做得 到……」高錕夫婦現時在美國加州矽谷定居,兩口子談話夾雜國語、廣東語和英語。黃美芸對丈夫寸步不離,包辦衣食住行,像照顧小孩子般呵護備至,「他很乖, 聽我話。得病後有時候記不得事情,他就笑。」


高錕的小腦日漸萎縮,語言能力衰退, 詞不達意。他接受當地中文電視台訪問時說:「我現在很不太好。我自己裏面(指腦部)要講出來,很難做。」高錕對獲諾貝爾獎感興奮,「我很高興。這是非常好 的。(研究)係我自己做,呢啲好難做。」但記者和妻子數次問他是否光纖之父,他卻不明所以。
黃美芸本周二凌晨 3時(美國時間)突被電話弄醒,是瑞典皇家科學院的秘書,來電通知獲獎喜訊。黃又驚又喜,一時語塞,「很像發夢一樣,這個獎很難得到,不知道是真是假。」 她躺回床上睡不着覺,搖醒丈夫,「諾貝爾獎你知道吧?」睡夢中的高錕說:「嗯,那是世界性大獎。得諾貝爾獎是件大事,很高的榮譽。」黃說:「給你的。」高 答:「給我的嗎?很好呀!」說罷又沉沉睡去。
翌日恭賀來電及電郵如雪花般飄至,高錕卻似乎忘了自己得獎,黃美芸三番四次解釋,「佢好開心,話 delighted、 unexpected、"I don't really understand why!"佢記性唔好,唔記得咁耐。咁多記者電話,佢就覺得,嘩,好大件事。」對於外界指這是遲來的榮譽,她不同意,「都唔係呀,佢以前都得過好多獎啦, 得到好多同行認同。」
高錕 04年與朋友打麻雀時反應遲緩,遂到醫院檢查,其後確診患上老人癡呆症,步父親後塵。


黃美芸當時無法接受,哭了又哭,「壓力好犀利,因為知道呢個人以前係點樣。呢個人已經走咗,唔喺度。」她現在 已接受現實,努力照顧智力一步步衰退的丈夫,又得意洋洋的對記者說,多得她要丈夫整天跟她打網球,現時身體才這麼強健,「佢精神好好,瞓得食得,係個腦有 啲問題。我要佢(打網球)走呢邊走嗰邊,所以身體咁好囉。」
上月剛慶祝金婚的高錕夫婦快將度過 76歲及 75歲生日。諾貝爾頒獎禮今年 12月在瑞典舉行,兩口子已商量好,到場親自領獎,黃說:「一生只有這麼一次,我們一定會去。」


高 錕夫婦今年夏季從香港搬到美國加州矽谷山景城定居。他們接受多間傳媒機構訪問時表示,現時生活與一般退休老人無異。高錕夫婦居於旺中帶靜的社區,附近有華 人超級市場和日本餐廳。高錕每天行程包括與妻子打網球、上音樂課及手工課等。他喜歡看電視,又經常行山及到附近公園散步。在當地工作的子女每周探望兩老, 高錕特別喜歡跟孫兒玩耍。

「甚麼都不做 鍛煉第一」

高錕每周到專門照顧智障或體障老人的健康中心三次,與其他長者吃午飯、做動運和談天。高錕在中心看見記者,即 瞇眼笑說:「我知道你們是來找我的。我知道你們想問我甚麼,我告訴你,我很高興,(得獎)是非常棒的一件事!」他又跟攝影記者搭訕,「我以前喜歡照相,自 己洗(冲曬)照片的。現在甚麼都不做了,鍛煉第一。」

做早操後洗手 一臉稚氣

快將 76歲的高錕在中心與數十名長者一起「鍛煉」,早上做椅子操,在椅上伸手、抬腿、轉拳頭,高做完即紅光滿面。職員把潔手消毒液噴在他手心,他就一臉稚氣的向記者攤開雙手,「看,很乾淨,哈哈!」
中 心的主任說,前天得知高錕獲諾貝爾獎,還來不及慶祝,「我們才知道 Charles(高錕)是非凡科學家。他友善和氣,愛問老師問題,大家都喜歡他。」護理人員又告訴記者,高錕是舞林高手,並即席示範。 Charles牽着護理員的手,伴着老人們的掌聲和隨音樂哼叫的聲音,在禮堂中心起舞轉圈,仍舊掛着童真滿瀉的招牌笑容。

it was my honor to have dinner with Prof Kao few years ago.
we didn't have much conversations, but could feel his gentle & gracious personality.

what touches me the most is he now only remembers his wife but not the optical fibers ...........
those his devoted research works are no more important to him now but his wife......

if i'm (touch wood) suffered from Alzheimer's disease when i am old, please let me at least remember my husband and his things, this will be the greatest 福氣 !


a new try

it's always true that "女人錢很易賺 ".
the salesgirl almost don't even have to tell me the details, & i have already pulled out my purse.....
the packaging is so beautiful that i cannot resist.
and i have tested their "hydro-filler 2" which is very "hydro" indeed !!!


recent me

hehe... too lazy in blogging again....
but i worked really hard on my handmade soap in the past few days....

it was because mom called last week, and asked for some handmade soap.
i passed few of my very early batches to her and my aunts last year ... and they didn't ask for more later...
so i think probably they don't like them or they probably have stocked up some commercial ones.....

mom said the soap are very good for her hair and skin!
hey, i am very happy about that... and so made 3 batches in the past few days....
i put the posts with recipes in here.

been to shiu shing hong last friday to shop for more oil,
lo-ban gave me a very good price of refined shea butter.....only HKD100 for 250g.... hahaha.....

dealing with couples of "ma-fan" clients recently...
i really don't know how to deal with these kind of ppl....sigh....


a transition

eric & some other friends ask me should update here more often,
because i let grasses grow, grow and grow......
and i kind of switch the updating habit in facebook....coz there will take me less time.

so, this is now become my flower arrangement blog ????
seems ....my blog is now only showing flower stuff....

don't want to write something negative,
don't want to write about work things......

i feel a bit hesitation in writing too personal things.....
don't know who is reading this.....
am i thinking too much ?
probably... and hope this is just a transitional period.

i love the above bouquet very much,
probably my best pick so far.
i can now handle the hand-tied bouquet better,
this only took me 10 minutes to finish.
so, "practice makes perfect" is very true.


a house of purple

he said it this morning while i was still in my dream "wao.. our home is now full of scent of flowers ".
and my dream was all about purple.......


found a lovely one

i found a lovely vase in a candle shop @ central last week,
really love it,
got a vintage feel and style.

flowers are the left over from a floral design work last weekend.


presentation of elegance

yellow & white & green combination, fresh & elegant.
i saw a similar one at the reception counter @ elements the other day :P

time flies, my flower arrangement course is going to finish next week;
time to head for another one.


a little bit of delight

on and off, we have some printing orders from overseas wedding clients;
today, we have just confirmed a wedding backdrop work at macau in the coming october!
hey, our wedding business is extended to "over-seas" !
i 'm a bit delighted because of that ~~~~~望下山, 望下海 macau 旅行~~~


summer garden

created this summer garden in class that night,
roses, lilies, penoies, chamomiles, larkspurs are "arranged" randomly.

flowers are competing with each others in the garden quietly

there hiding roses in between peonies

smell of chamomiles can calm you down


everlasting hydrangea

this is amazing, hydrangea used to be a short-life flower type.... but this one can surprisingly survive for 2 weeks, yes, 2 weeks !!!
i did a little different arrangement with the greenery. lol


many things

too many things are going on recently, too lazy me have not updated in here.
and more more things coming up next week.......
pwee..... i need a break.

got a cheque from Citybank/Octopus today, the lowest amount of cheque i have ever received. it's HKD6 !!! will the bank charge me for any administration fee if i deposit it ????

i am attending floral arrangement classes at central every Wednesday night after work.
enjoying it very much


on our 3rd annniversary

we had our anniversary dinner at Case fina,
they serve wonderful oysters of different kinds,
on this oyster platter: africa rock, irish gigas, fine de claire, fine de special, cadoret and sea whelk

an encore round: mexican pacific, scottish rock and langebaan
scottish rock is the best !

we found agnes b la pain grille have better baby blue (see here), which their white sauce taste better. this one is more "cheesy taste"... donno why...

i think the creme burlee is a bit too big.....
it should be served in a 2.5" container....
but, taste still good

okay, i made a better chocolate warm pudding !!!

anyway, it's highly recommended for the main dishes and seafood !
and advance reservation is needed.

Case fina Seafood and Oyster bar
2504 2928



it just so happen on the same day...
im not complaining,
but, just....
pls don't happen next year and ever again.


treasure hunt

when i saw this shop, i was speechless.
the whole shop is stocked with different antique "felt" wooden boxes.
& i couldn't stop humming rod stewart's song "that old feeling".....

some small ones have sizes suitable for my craft, jewels, paper cutting or anything;
or large ones like suitcases suitable for cloth and magazines.......
it was a huge challenge for me to pick out these 2 from the stacks.
i was really really falling in the shop.
kept asking the lady to take this and that down for me to have a look.
& she was very happy and proud to say that her dad made all these.
if i was not with my family, i could probably be staying there for few hours.
i must visit there again soon.

the one with "SOAP" on it was the original one i picked,
i want to put my hand-made soaps in there.....isn't it just meant to be mine?
but i turned out to get the 2 matched color boxes.....
maybe next time, i will take you home, wait for me.


summer is here, let's chill out !

too hot & humid in these days, dun wanna to go out.
the only thing can make me happy is wondering around at the flower market.

white & green can cool me down a bit in this weather,
nice for just admiring at them in the summer afternoonsssss !


too romantic : melody gardot "baby i'm a fool"

love this song
love the music like in the classic movies
love her voice
love NYC

feel the different layers

recently, i have joined a group called "瘋狂料理同門", members will post up recent dishes, and friends in which are showing a supportive role....
hey, that really encourage me to cook more tho'.

chocolate banana cake is relatively easy to handle as it doesn't involve any baking step^^. however, it still a complicated cake as of it's layers with different ingredients, have to wait 1 layer to set & then to make another layer.

i should make a mango/ green tea one later this week (the only reason is they are available in my kitchen) !

eric give me 95/100, & i like it too ! 

materials & method (for a 5" x 7" mold)
1st layer: 朱古力海棉蛋糕一片

2nd layer: banana mousse

mashed banana 70g
sugar 2 teaspoon
lemon juice few drops
gelatin powder 1 teaspoon 
whipping cream 70g

1. melt gelatin powder + 1 teaspoon sugar + 1 teaspoon hot water
2. mashed banana + 1 teaspoon sugar + lemon juice, microwave 1 minute
3. add 2 to 1, and wait to cool
4. whipped the cream + 3, and layer on, freeze till set

3rd layer: chocolate mousse

milk 60 g 
egg yolk 1pc
sugar 1 tablespoon
gelatin powder 1.5 teaspoon
chocolate 80g
whipping cream 100g
brandy 1 teaspoon

1. melt gelatin powder + 1 teaspoon sugar + 1 teaspoon hot water
2. heat up milk in microwave for 1 minute
3. mix egg yolk+ remaining sugar, add to 2 with stirring 
4. melt the chocolate, and add 3 in it, then add 1, add brandy
5. whipped the cream + 4, and layer on, freeze till set

4th layer: chocolate coat

water 40 g
whipping cream 30 g 
chocolate powder 25 g
gelatin powder 1 teaspoon
sugar 1/2 teaspoon

1. gelatin + sugar + water, heat & bring to boil
2. add chocolate powder & cream
3. let the mixture to cool down to room temperature & pour on cake top
4. freeze till set


lemon & orange cupcake

my 1st trial, the overall comment is "average".
as i want the base to be "fluffy" like sponge cake.....
actually i am not quite sure if a "cupcake" should be hard like that. anyone can tell me about this?
original recipe is from here; but, the lemon flavor is very good tho' !

i don't have any cream cheese or cream at home to make the topping,
& suddenly the idea from "flame ice-cream cake" (火焰雪糕蛋糕) came up; which makes the little cupcake looks a bit cute.

ingredients (for 6 cupcakes)
A. 3/4 cup all purpose flour
A. 1/4 table spoon baking powder
A. 1/8 teaspoon salt
B. 1/4 cup butter R.T.
B. 1/2 cup sugar
C. 1 whole egg R.T.
D. 1/2 table spoon lemon juice and peels
D. 1/4 cup buttermilk
D. 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
E. candied orange peel

1. whisk A in 1 bowl
2. mix B first in another bowl and then add C
3. add A to B in 3 times
4. then add D
5. put in paper liners and garnish with E on each
6. bake for 20 minutes at 280C


recent me

what i have been doing these days are:
1. addicted to the childish flash game on facebook called "restaurant city"
2. lay on my couch to watch TV and internet surfing at the same time
3. think, yes, seriously thinking about this
4. read it b4 sleep
5. gather some info about here

not very productive these days, why i am always so tired lae?


i love color

when i have some, i want more.
love something in a collection.
in my stock, i have already had 25 different color felt sheets
& here are few more to add to my collection.

isn't it just nice by looking at the stack ?
i must be crazy.


creme caramel

love a lot "森永"cream caramel bought from the jusco supermarket,
but they have discontinued the product for a while,
so i decide to research & investigate a good recipe of making it.

the recipe said to bake in water bath at 150C for 45 mins,
i think i should either cut down the cooking hour or temperature.....
but still yum !

material and method (for 6 cups):
1. prepare caramel & pour it at the bottom of cups

2. 4 eggs + 50g sugar (i cut it down) --> whisk till smooth;
+ 2 boxes of warm milk + 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract/ vanilla seeds --> mix
--> pour the mixture to the cups and bake in water bath for 45 mins.



yes.. i know i am a little bit fall behind....
this is my first reading of 張愛玲 and it's her last book.
heard for a long time ago that her books are great,
think it's something good about books that it will never be too late to read.