what is charm?

what is charm? look at him.
there are not much ppl you can still find sparkles in their eyes.

but... um... wth is c king??? have no idea at all


work things... part II

PCR song... appeared in youtube last year
i think all biologists/scientists are amazed with this song,

look how serious they are when recording this song !

(remarks: PCR is a technique to amplify DNA fragments from any organism.)

sth back to last friday...boss threw me 2 "small"projects,
just because there are not enough hands in this small lab.
1 has to be finished asap, while the other's deadline is sometime in 2010;
2 years .. i don't even not sure if i will stay that long in this lab.

but anyway, i am the kind of person who wanna get things done asap once the materials are on hands; so want to finishing it within 1 year ?! maybe....?!

working on site directed mutagenesis (to those non-science friends, can click in wiki & see if you can get some hints),
& i have actually worked on this technique as my final year project during undergrad.
how forgettable i am .... as i took quite an amount of time checking references yesterday.

so.. yesterday's experiments are 100% success !! hurray !!!
hope my luckstar will still shine on me in the following days !

so quiet in the lab today...
but i enjoy this moment esp. when there is no student come to me & ask me this & that, & later come again & ASK AGAGIN the SAME thingssssss (i should not complaint too much, afterall they are lovely)


work thing....

have put down some experimental techniques since 03...
tho' those molecular biology theories are still in my mind,
it's quite stressful to me today.

as have to go back to all those protocols and chemical regents details before getting start of a single simple experiment (i just want to be well prepare before start, just want to make suuuuuure everything).

while having over 71% of my colleagues are on vacation this week,
i don't have ppl to ask "where A is?" and "where you put B at????"
ho fan lae.....

on the other hands, an exciting feeling is back;
this is something has been missed in the past few years !
looking forward to the result comes out is the most exciting thing.
(yes, as we DO have failed experiments for most of the time......)


searching for good dessert

after our taipei trip in last May,
my mom just fell in love with the local panna cotta 奶酪,
not only their prices are very good bargain,
but the taste are real good.

we searched for many places in hk,
still couldn't find a comparable one.

saw this in Jusco supermarket last sat.
first bite: hey, not bad
latter bites: so so.....

maybe it's time to try to make a homemade one,
let me think about this next weekend...

what to do with my hydrangea from last week ?

remember i bought these last week?
surprisingly, this hydrangea can last for over 1 week !~~
as usually hydrangea is a kind of thirsty flower, & i bought one in last Feb which died within 2 days :<

so, finally a new design came up, using the combination of white + pink + purple tone.

i do like the sticking out of "kam yu fa" (金魚花) which make the whole thing very lively.

& made this one too !

I like the white ball Chrysanthemum (菊) too, very cute !


not an ordinary girl

bought this beannie bunny last week at megabox,
i think this is the 1st time i bought myself a stuffed toy.

used to love miffy (for many years) and
some sanrio characters e.g. little twins stars (i recently found out they are called kiki & lala, ha !), melody, minanotabo; disney's tinker bell.....
but these are only very short period.

hubby eric used to send me a lot of miffy stuffed toys,
i remember once he asked me why i love miffy rather than hello kitty.
i told him because of it's "x" mouth, makes it looks very "deep"... ha... what was i saying?
and miffy is not easy to be found in the market in those days.

yes, no hello kitty !!!
i don't like common stuff... yea....
when 90% of the girls in HK like hello kitty,
i dare to shout "i hate it !"


2nd disney trip

our 2nd time to HK disneyland, again in summer time.
6 adults + 2 kids + 1 baby; we were all melted..
tried every efforts to squeeze into the indoor shows whenever possible.
we took kelly with us (my cousin's daughter),
she is only 7.....so grown up now..

she indeed tried hard to pull the sword out.

angus, friend's son
my hubby can make him smile everytime,
not difficult to him at all, but not to me.

i named this photo "curiosity"
phoebe, angus's sister, a very cute little girl.

seems it can never take good photos on marry-go-around, sigh.

see, my face is blocked !

tho' some ppl said it's boring in "it's a small world",
i like looking at the details, colorful theme with delighted atmosphere inside.

i do appreciate the craft ppl.


purple & white

i always think purple+ white make a good combination,

and roses+hydrangea are my all time favorites.

what to do with them this time?

brainstorming about the new design........(10%)


a saturday morning

i am not a morning girl,
if ever have a chance, i'll sleep late and wake up by nature.
so, this was an exceptional saturday for me to wake up at 830, on a day that doesn't need to work.
i went to my uncle house, and visited his farm;
he plants all kinds of fruit trees

"fan gwai lo leechee" on the tree... there are many

limes... 2 weeks later when they are gettin bigger,
i'll make "salty lime" (marinated in chiu chou style, good to serve with coke/sprite)

guess what they are?

fig (無花果)
yes, the fruits aren't come from flowers,
they are just budding out from the branches.

and there are grapes too,
i love these grapes when they are red.
taste a little bit different from what we used to have from the market.
but they are just not ready this time.

wong pei (黃皮), don't know it's name in english
anyone can tell me ?
i tasted the biggest one which was as sweet as a candy,
the weirdest thing is it didn't have a seed inside ?!!!!!

pretty flowers called 夜來香 (Cestrum nocturnum), haha.. wth...
it emits fragrance especially strong at night
we picked couple branches back home.
i love the smell...
but hubby eric thinks it's too strong..

found this on the leave of an orchid,
at first i thought the insect was dead,
but later seeing from the pic, it peeled off the shell....ewwww

i love this chain of leaves very much,
looks lovely !


flower design class I

懷着期待的心情來參加這次 flower arrangement design class.
導師 mia 從日本深造回港,

今回採用の花飾: 龍柳枝

胡姬蘭, 小菊, 葉上黄金, 小象耳, 法國無忘我.

根據個人喜好, 先設計支架.

綠色的小象耳特意伸出架上, 加強動感,跳躍感.

mia 老師評語為大膽の設計, 採用上心形支架.
橙色的胡姬蘭可插右方, 整体感覺可以改善.

這是mia 老師 の示範作品


SATO さん の作品 (唯一日本同学)

Rebeccaさん の作品

wing さん の作品

回家後, 把其中一些剩餘的花飾插了這擺設.

下回課程於8月3日舉行, 有興趣參加的朋友可看這裡:
mia prodotti web


our 2nd anniversary

it's our 2nd wedding anniversary today.
time flies... can't believe we have been together for 365x2 days already....
it seems.... not that long to me ?!

we had dinner together at tonkichi, the quality of food seems better than before;
but still not comparable to those we had in osaka last nov....
eric asked me a question tonight,
"how much u won from lottery will make you quit your current job,"
i am not greedy, 5M is enough.
yes, and will quit immediatly,
i got a list of things want to do....

we shopped for a new shower head @ citysuper after the nice dinner,
the new one gives out very "tender" water, highly recommend !
we had a happy night :P


new wedding design product

昨天下午,在構思新的wedding product,
給我想到這點子 !!!
花了一個下午在製作鮮花 welcome board !
適合用於 both church reception & banquet.
十分 kawaii , 自已着見就很喜愛.

這照片背光拍攝, 窗紗把日光打散,
50mm F1.4 又發揮了它的功效...... (笑 ~)

birthday dinner with family

it's very difficult to get together with my family for dinner as all of us are always busy,
we picked "hei hei chinese cusine" this time and ordered the menu for 6.
the pan-fired prawn was quite tasty.

the crispy roasted duck was the best amoung all the dishes

this chop-shui of duck meat was not bad too tho'

forgot to take pics with shark-fin soup, steamed fish and abalone, but those 3 are so so.

hei hei serves very nice dessert and always give us surprises,
the sesame biscuits are so delicious !

my all time favorite :black sesame sweet soup !
thanks hubby for treating my family the nice dinner !!!

my birthday flower

eric and i took a day off on my birthday,
we took time to did several my favorite things:
wondering around in flower market @ prince edward and shopped these beautiful flowers;
went to the japanese magazine bookshop & got some nice magazines;
had a very nice dinner at my wanted rest.
i had a very happy day.

this is my first time to handle the flower clay (the green thing)
and my first time to do the floral arrangment,
not bad ar ?!
i added those little crystal and pearl in the pot to make it more special.

i don't have a suitable pot at home, so wrapped around a noodle bowl with a piece of light gold cloth :P

i think this combination make a very good looking center piece for wedding too !

the best birthday gift

i received this present right at 0:00 am on 4th july.
this is the best birthday gift,
i don't want a dior handbag,
neither a new lens for camera (maybe later in x'mas!)
all i want for is your beautiful hand-drew picture !!!
thanks hubby eric.