lemon & orange cupcake

my 1st trial, the overall comment is "average".
as i want the base to be "fluffy" like sponge cake.....
actually i am not quite sure if a "cupcake" should be hard like that. anyone can tell me about this?
original recipe is from here; but, the lemon flavor is very good tho' !

i don't have any cream cheese or cream at home to make the topping,
& suddenly the idea from "flame ice-cream cake" (火焰雪糕蛋糕) came up; which makes the little cupcake looks a bit cute.

ingredients (for 6 cupcakes)
A. 3/4 cup all purpose flour
A. 1/4 table spoon baking powder
A. 1/8 teaspoon salt
B. 1/4 cup butter R.T.
B. 1/2 cup sugar
C. 1 whole egg R.T.
D. 1/2 table spoon lemon juice and peels
D. 1/4 cup buttermilk
D. 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
E. candied orange peel

1. whisk A in 1 bowl
2. mix B first in another bowl and then add C
3. add A to B in 3 times
4. then add D
5. put in paper liners and garnish with E on each
6. bake for 20 minutes at 280C


recent me

what i have been doing these days are:
1. addicted to the childish flash game on facebook called "restaurant city"
2. lay on my couch to watch TV and internet surfing at the same time
3. think, yes, seriously thinking about this
4. read it b4 sleep
5. gather some info about here

not very productive these days, why i am always so tired lae?


i love color

when i have some, i want more.
love something in a collection.
in my stock, i have already had 25 different color felt sheets
& here are few more to add to my collection.

isn't it just nice by looking at the stack ?
i must be crazy.


creme caramel

love a lot "森永"cream caramel bought from the jusco supermarket,
but they have discontinued the product for a while,
so i decide to research & investigate a good recipe of making it.

the recipe said to bake in water bath at 150C for 45 mins,
i think i should either cut down the cooking hour or temperature.....
but still yum !

material and method (for 6 cups):
1. prepare caramel & pour it at the bottom of cups

2. 4 eggs + 50g sugar (i cut it down) --> whisk till smooth;
+ 2 boxes of warm milk + 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract/ vanilla seeds --> mix
--> pour the mixture to the cups and bake in water bath for 45 mins.



yes.. i know i am a little bit fall behind....
this is my first reading of 張愛玲 and it's her last book.
heard for a long time ago that her books are great,
think it's something good about books that it will never be too late to read.


flowery ringpillow for pink person

remember the "pink series" last month with consecutive 5 posts about pink stuff ? pink is indeed my favorite color recently (my favorite changes swiftly sometimes....)

i made another flowery ringpillow for a customer,
it wasn't that girlie feel than i thought....
(worry too much before lol !)
hope she will like it :P



took a bouquet making lesson tonight, teacher told us to bring 30-40 medium size roses.
i have a difficulty in picking flowers everytime when i shop around the flower market, coz there are just too many choices.......so, usually i will walk 2 rounds and then can decide what to buy :P

pastel color are my all time favorite, i picked 3 different colors : cream, light pink & peach red;
& today i found the lovely calla lily in purplish color match the roses also.

successfully created a dome shape bouquet, so happy !!!
other classmates just admired my bouquet, as the color of flowers match so perfectly !!!
the bouquet is so heavy, but it's quite difficult to make a small one tho';
when i got home, i removed it from the handle and transform it to a centerpiece.

hey aileen, recognize the birdie?
my felissimo order has arrived last night!


flower for May

woo... the flowers market is fulled with peony (and carnations because of mother's day) in may, i bought a less common color this time....
love them love them !!! love the smell too !
i kind of like the white and pink pearl beads, look cute ^^

& this silver bead is my favorite of the favorites,
click to enlarge the photo to see its details....
it shines ^^


this is how i organize my ribbons & lace

i spent a whole afternoon to organize the ribbons,
stamped on a thin piece of wood with this,
i like the color tone here !!!

and for the lace too !

flowery ringpillow

spent 3 nights making this: my 1st flowery ringpillow,
gathered different purple felt that saved in my box for years, & different purple beads that i like.
i enjoyed making this very much, as it involves design, & matching the color is very fun !


killing me softly

sometimes, things will just happen without an intention.
i tried to make dry hydrangea several times but in vain. (they just wilted instead of drying up ?!) 

last month, the weather in here was super humid,
but i could successfully make one!

i just forgot to add water in the vase....
and the water dried up slowly .... slowly..... slowly......
until one day, i feel the leaves a bit dry....
so i just put it in an empty vase.....



sleeping on ring pillow

i have stopped the ring-pillow order for a quite long period of time, it's because i was distracted by many other things lately, & i require highly concentration on the embroidery thing......

F&R are my god-brother, Angus's friends,
this ring-pillow was surprisingly able to finish fast, it took me just 3 hours !!!!
i used my favorite lace in here......
please pray for me that i can find the same lace again later!!!