a house of purple

he said it this morning while i was still in my dream "wao.. our home is now full of scent of flowers ".
and my dream was all about purple.......


found a lovely one

i found a lovely vase in a candle shop @ central last week,
really love it,
got a vintage feel and style.

flowers are the left over from a floral design work last weekend.


presentation of elegance

yellow & white & green combination, fresh & elegant.
i saw a similar one at the reception counter @ elements the other day :P

time flies, my flower arrangement course is going to finish next week;
time to head for another one.


a little bit of delight

on and off, we have some printing orders from overseas wedding clients;
today, we have just confirmed a wedding backdrop work at macau in the coming october!
hey, our wedding business is extended to "over-seas" !
i 'm a bit delighted because of that ~~~~~望下山, 望下海 macau 旅行~~~


summer garden

created this summer garden in class that night,
roses, lilies, penoies, chamomiles, larkspurs are "arranged" randomly.

flowers are competing with each others in the garden quietly

there hiding roses in between peonies

smell of chamomiles can calm you down