take a break

so everything is ready,
and we are going to phuket next week ! hurray !

will stay in this resort because there are too many good comments !
will report when back.

actually we are going to celebrate our 4th anniversary there :P



today, our fans page reached 1000 fans.
it's really sth to us.
yea, and i guess we are the only local one reached 1000 fans in this wedding design field.

flashing back to the day we had 100 fans, we were sooooooo delighted, and checking how much gaining every day.
and then a day come to 300, you will get used to it... stop looking at the number and become numb.

today, it really really makes me start to re-adjust the attitude toward our "small business";
at first, we consider it as a freelance/ part-time job; all because we like beautiful things and want to help people to make their weddings prettier..... and we were working at stree-free.

we feel blessed/ lucky that people like our works;
when the business is growing, stresses come automatically.
not from others, but from our own.....
will there a next better one ?
it's like competing with ourselves.
i think we are crazy.
(eric sometimes got jealous when people like my flower works more than his designed backdrop, hehe)

both eric & i do not know how to run a business basically...
when the terms like "license, insurance, staff" come up... we will be having a headache....
gosh, is it really growing too quick/ too soon ?
i donno....


still there

i was pretty upset last weekend, and didn't sleep well that night.
i thought i have put it down already, but actually not....
still here... so i have to speak it out at least in here !

feel like being "used" and took advanges by others.....

i still see "friendship" exists in this world, but just don't use the word wrongly.

I cannot stand that guy, after seeing the design, and told us it's not worthing;
but he then took the design for his own use !
what the hell ????
can i sue him ?

eric said 豪俾佢.....but i am still *@%XYZ$?&*#
it's not the matter of $ (i see this in very low priority),
it's the matter of trust and respect.

don't call me friend. plz.