a bit sad

i kind of cannot accept the fact that i am not able to go to BKK during CNY.
hubby eric comforts me and said we could go during easter......
hello !! Easter ?!!!
still 2 months.....
and hey, there are plenty things to do during that time definitely !!!!

in my encyclopedia:
we earn money to see the world.

sigh..... wanna to cry.....(sobbing)


zen flower

最愛紫藍色又帶點綠色的繡球花,雖不及蝴蝶蘭、萬代蘭奪目,繡球花靜靜坐在一角, 給主角做最佳配合!

小小一磚磚西瓜葉甚是可愛, 花開似是浮於水面......

跟我的小茶几甚為相襯 ! :D

花團錦簇雖然漂亮,淨明的空間感亦不可忽視。 做人如是。


sth that i proud of

so, this is my recent work.
love the combination very much. :D


i love grey

i love grey recently....
so wearing grey almost everyday....
scarfs in different degree of grey,
clothing, shoesssss and with my lovely new grey bag !

i even want to change the furniture too,
this one looks chic !


yea. i am a bad blogger

hello there....
i am in still the middle of busy......
i thought i can have more free time after the x'mas, but actually not.

after the wedding, i was actually still busy with 2 more jobs b4 the new year....
i slept thru the new year....... missed the count down :(

2010 begins, up till now, finished 3 more wedding jobs, 2 bridal showers, and 1 bridesmaid work for a very best friend....
more to come in this month, will be 1 ad-hoc wedding works and 1 more bridesmaid work for another best friend.

what i can say is... i am soooooooooo worn out...
but, i am happy.
don't worry me :)

oh..... but i had fun during the holiday, eric's cousins came back for the wedding,
and we hung out for some time....
and i missed them a lot now.
hope will visit them and Hawaii+ San Francisco soon lor !!!!

next is planning our trip to BKK during CNY.
yes, planning, still not yet confirm everything,
hope there is still a chance to get the room & flight tickets.....

pic taken from a bridal shower