mixed feeling

OMG.. can't believe i gave up this blog for more than 1 month.....
feel bad about this....

these days, i have been working like an ant.
busy at work !!!! never been that busy before !!!! computer 12 hr per day at least !
Statistics....chi-square test... survivial curve, kaplan -miere......... @_@
but glad I got significant results from the experiments that I've performed.... phews...
boss is happy about that :D

great news to share in here,
today i got a phone call from a local high-end hotel group,
they are interested in my floral works and want to see if I am available for them to do standard table centerpieces + reception table decoration for their client's weddings...
the same group has contacted me in last Jan, but I was not quite ready for this....

i donno how the thing will end-up.
i have not planned for anything in a short term yet.
this is a golden chance, rite?
but, still way many things to consider......


ho ho mei !

i think i made the best in town !

seafood risotto with panfried scallop & white fish & lots and lots of mushroom !!!
tips: a touch of white wine, chicken broth 250 ml and about 4 cups of water.

and a generous handful of parmasen cheese after remove from heat.

best serve with a glass of riesling !

a very good sauce for the salad :
romain lattuce : light cream + a bit of english mustard + a bit of white truffle cream !!!!--> mix well.

"chiu'' yummy !!


a recent design piece

eric throw me a word the other day : "vintage",
and i said, let's get some vintage feel flowers !

love the dirty pink roses instantly when i saw them !
perfect for my vintage flower arrangement !

this becomes my wallpaper now XD


yay, soap engine starts !

yay, finally got an update in my dusty soap blog
had so much fun in making soap again !
made 2 batches in a row !

i want to get some heart shape moulds..
but those on the market are not pretty enough..
the heart shape is either to thin or too fat !


beautiful summer 2010

for unknown reason,
i love this summer,
weather is pretty nice,
hot but nice.
clear sky with bright bright sunshine,
with occasion wind blowing.

seems everything is more beautiful than before.


Oasis Spa Phuket 2010

on the next day, we booked a 4-hrs spa treatment via here
it was a different experience compared to the Bangkok one.

the environment is very village feel.

we particularly like the cold towel (smell lavender to me !)
and the cold ginger welcome drink.

tho' the weather at Phuket is not as hot as we thought,
and in fact, it's very dry & with sea breeze lots of time~~
but no air-con there at Oasis Spa !~~
to us, the hk ppl,
i do mind the occasion visiting of flies .... @_@

first time tried the 4-hands massage....
um... i still like the Thai massage better :P


what's for breakfast ? Phuket 2010

the complimentary breakfast is made-to-order and not the buffet type.
i like that.
the choices are just great !

my favorite egg benedict on croissant !

i consider this as pre-breakfast dessert....
they serve this together with juice and coffee before we order the breakfast.
the texture is like donuts, but they serve with a small dish of liquid jam.....

and after the breakfast, we sat here for a while........
quite and peaceful.
and that's it.


At night Phuket 2010

i truly in love with this place,
looks even more gorgeous at night.

here is the restaurant restroom !

i swear i have to experiment to make this corn soup successful at home !
the texture is foamy, like cappuccino. taste sooooo good !

restaurant at the back

sunset in the front


Part 2 Phuket 2010

so, what impressed us the most is how they treated every detail in this resort.
we got the chance to pick the suitable pillow upon arrival !
thank god, this is so important !

and choices of bath oil, soap .......

the room, cozy enough !

our private pool

i love this crouch... reading my book there in one afternoon

and got to shower under the sun/ stars ~~


Phuket 2010

basically, it has been a really long time that we haven't traveled.
last time was March 2009 ???
we want a real "hea" trip this time, no shopping, so we picked this resort which located at the north of Phuket island, quite far from the "downtown" Patong area.

there are some great pictures from the hotel website, and searched some nice comments from the net of this hotel..

so, pictures first :

the reception area

corridor leading to the lobby

the outdoor lobby

so, you'll see it looks soooooo quiet ~~

we picked the pool villa, and this is the front gate

love the details everywhere


artjamming I

fun artjamming last Sunday at Central with hubby Eric, best friend Maggie and brother Theo.
all of us are the first time player with acrylic,
we all said there will definitely a 2nd time !

the first acrylic painting by eric (for me of course)!!!

my first acrylic painting :D
inspired by Claude Monet - Water Lilies

the lily pond was not my original plan tho';
i was originally planning to draw purple sky and red trees......

painting by others

the studio is small, kind of crowd indoor.
but the big window relaxes me with a big tree out there :P


take a break

so everything is ready,
and we are going to phuket next week ! hurray !

will stay in this resort because there are too many good comments !
will report when back.

actually we are going to celebrate our 4th anniversary there :P



today, our fans page reached 1000 fans.
it's really sth to us.
yea, and i guess we are the only local one reached 1000 fans in this wedding design field.

flashing back to the day we had 100 fans, we were sooooooo delighted, and checking how much gaining every day.
and then a day come to 300, you will get used to it... stop looking at the number and become numb.

today, it really really makes me start to re-adjust the attitude toward our "small business";
at first, we consider it as a freelance/ part-time job; all because we like beautiful things and want to help people to make their weddings prettier..... and we were working at stree-free.

we feel blessed/ lucky that people like our works;
when the business is growing, stresses come automatically.
not from others, but from our own.....
will there a next better one ?
it's like competing with ourselves.
i think we are crazy.
(eric sometimes got jealous when people like my flower works more than his designed backdrop, hehe)

both eric & i do not know how to run a business basically...
when the terms like "license, insurance, staff" come up... we will be having a headache....
gosh, is it really growing too quick/ too soon ?
i donno....


still there

i was pretty upset last weekend, and didn't sleep well that night.
i thought i have put it down already, but actually not....
still here... so i have to speak it out at least in here !

feel like being "used" and took advanges by others.....

i still see "friendship" exists in this world, but just don't use the word wrongly.

I cannot stand that guy, after seeing the design, and told us it's not worthing;
but he then took the design for his own use !
what the hell ????
can i sue him ?

eric said 豪俾佢.....but i am still *@%XYZ$?&*#
it's not the matter of $ (i see this in very low priority),
it's the matter of trust and respect.

don't call me friend. plz.



today, first time eric asked me for opinion about head or tail.

my world only has black or white, but with no grey !
eric always thinks there is grey in the world; and comment about me being a police......
but i don't care.

well, i will only do whatever i think it's right,
justice is what i see very important in my little world.
and i will not only fight for myself, even whoever i know, i will fight for them.

i am happy my hubby is doing sth that is definitely a "right" thing tonight.
he discovered sth, helped to negotiate and settle.
though, he still has some hesitation after he did it...
well, i told him, don't you feel great after doing sth good and right ? and god knows what you did.


all about weddings

white peony (fm mainland) in season !
grap a bunch at HKD70-80 only !!!

sorry for lack of posting.
finished 5 weddings this month with great success.
i can now have a 2-week time to clear my mind,
to brainstorm of something new, and get ready for the 2nd half of the year.

we are lucky, and everything seems running quite smooth,
always meeting nice people, and what is more, these nice people can give us a helping hand.

eric will quit his full time job, and switch to full time focus on wedding design in the coming july.
wish him luck, wish us luck.



what kind of life you are pursuing ?
A) a very stable one, easy, a bit bore......
B) a colorful one fill with challenges, harsh, but rewarded with praises......

before 30, i pick A; after 30, i pick B.
should be the other way round, rite? weird me.

finished 2 big projects last weekend,
i am exhausted, never been that tired before ...... a walking dead man these few days at work....
i am starting to scare about the schedule in Dec.

the client called today, and said thank youssss again to us.
this is really something can push us further.
to a 2-men-band, i think we did amazing works last week,
but there are still many things can be better, can be improved......


a life that i want

took a day off on this super holiday mood monday,
gave up the internet thing for a whole day,
yum cha with mom and dad,
drove brother to work,
spent some $ at ikea,
cleaned up the mess at home,
and more importantly cleaned up the dirty floor (where the dust come from ?!!!!!)
bought lovely sheet for bed and changed it,
made a 3-dishes chinese meal (all are yum!).

i am satisfy with what i have done today !


my glasses

(the focus should be on those reflections in the pics)

i got my new pair of glasses this week....
since 1X yrs ago, i start wearing contact,
i always feel uncomfortable wearing glasses,
make me dizzy, like floating on ground........

sad is my eyes start feeling extremely dry,
and i could not help but to get a pair of glasses.
sign of getting old.....


happy this week

some achievements that we made this week:
with the time limit of less than a week,
giving my hubby a big big applause !!!

if you ever have a chance to visit the wedding expo at Wan Chai this weekend,
remember do not miss the booth G27-29, eric designed the booth there !
and i wrote a short poem for the company.. hahaha
our first time to help in commercial sector !
i must say, "what a nice work !" comparing others surrounding... hohoho....