my glasses

(the focus should be on those reflections in the pics)

i got my new pair of glasses this week....
since 1X yrs ago, i start wearing contact,
i always feel uncomfortable wearing glasses,
make me dizzy, like floating on ground........

sad is my eyes start feeling extremely dry,
and i could not help but to get a pair of glasses.
sign of getting old.....


happy this week

some achievements that we made this week:
with the time limit of less than a week,
giving my hubby a big big applause !!!

if you ever have a chance to visit the wedding expo at Wan Chai this weekend,
remember do not miss the booth G27-29, eric designed the booth there !
and i wrote a short poem for the company.. hahaha
our first time to help in commercial sector !
i must say, "what a nice work !" comparing others surrounding... hohoho....


i like working on small weddings

i like working on small weddings, so i can have more time to concentrate on tedious works like these.......
as they must be freshly prepared right before the event.
theme: baby blue .... everything is lovely lovely !

lovely cupcake in baby blue color !



got mix feelings to many different things.....