pouched egg

i like pouched eggs, so we went to The Flying Pan to have English breakfast frequently in the past few months because they serve egg Benedict's......

and ''pouched eggs" crossed my mind this morning when i woke up,
i remember vinegar will be required in the boiling water... yea.. i got vinegar in my fridge ! great ! let's breakfast at home !

the preparation time is only very little, tho' we do not have hollandaise sauce, but it still tasted good.....

when i was washing the dishes after breakfast... suddenly i remember something of my childhood.
my dad doesn't know cooking much, he only knows few eggs recipes.. boiled eggs, pan fried crispy eggs... and pouched eggs !
yes, in winter, dad made me 2 pouched eggs in slightly salty water for breakfast before we went to school... that he said could keep us warm in the morning.
i think i didn't have his water pouched eggs after the age of 12 ... and the memories fade along the time.......


bit and pieces

pic from couturier cover from last year

i'm proud of myself today for cleaning up my home this afternoon, threw away many expired food (mainly sauce) from the fridge, and restock fresh food ! ha !

since my mom is having vacation at Qingdao, so i got a chance to dinner with dad alone twice this week (yes, i didn't dine with them often, usually 3 times a month, maybe.....).
quietly listening to him about every little thing at work is an experience, sometimes, you will find people just want others listening to him, rather than giving "advice"/ "comment". this is something i need to learn. ^^
and i am happy to see he was happy after the dinner ^^



so.... having distracted by facebook & instagram...i DID not blog for 1 year.....

in the last 2 weeks, i have been visiting my blogger friends again "frequently" and there are quite a number of them who continue blogging while a few of them dropped as well.
it's good to see them still blogging indeed....

it's a bit difficult to start to write again... and together, I dropped taking decent photo with my camera as well... hey, that's bad..... iphone is bad (this is the only excuse i can think of, sorry, steve)!!!

so, August is the break time for me, no wedding in this hot hot summer.
um.. not sure who is reading this dusty blog now... i quit my full-time in the last February, and become a full-time wedding designer/ florist.. whatever, the title is.....

Exciting to look forward to the coming wedding season, got many ideas in mind, and just cannot wait to present them in each wedding.

and I think I should start making soap in August as well...