2008 Toronto- bought some good stuff I

it was actually a treasure hunt !
we went to St.Jacob's & found a lovely "house", full of vintage stuff seperately shown in different rooms.
coca cola's in 1 room, country style's in another, wood made stuff in next, metal made vintage things in another...... oh, and there is one showing those scary dolls...
there are totally 8 rooms, maybe....

and i found this upstairs, putting way up high of a closet, hiding at a secret place.
with a price tag showed CAD34.5.... a bit hestitate for a second, but it was gone in next.

it is so pretty !!!
i do think it looks prettier and prettier every time i look at it !


2008 Toronto- at the banquet

i love this cake top !
jac, remember to find the A+E letters for me, please !
i am thinking to put them on my christmas tree !

the gift box fm my elegant wedding... yes. my wed bussiness !
looks good with light green ribbon !

this is such a beautiful venue for wedding banquet !

jac's sisters were helping in the decoration,
the wedding theme was green+ivory,
love every details and flower arrangement !

i like this photo the most, you see jac's happy smile !

not the traditional one for chinese tea ceremony,
but are really cute !

i do think girls look good when wearing chinese gwa.
appreciate the details of gold and silver emboridery.

the dress is more loose than before !!!
happy for you !

pretty cake decorated with green orchid and champagne roses.

oh, missed photos tim...

champagne & rose

2008 Toronto- at the church

a bride looking for a sweet future

love this simple & stylish bouqute

everyone captured this precious moment

lit up the bright future

J: you are mine now
N: yes, madam

nice weather outside the church


2008 Toronto-a wedding to remember

it's not easy to be a wedding photographer,
i cannot be a professional, as the heavy gears kill me.

to me, photography is something to be enjoy, & to capture the beauty of life.
so, i like the motto of lomography "don't think, just shoot",
need not to considerate this or that, (but of course you better have the knowledge of Av/Tv stuff).

it's the honor to take jac&nero's wedding snap.
& glad that i have few shots that i think they are quite okay ! {~thuil~}
hope the couples will like them.

i need to do some editing on the photos,
so, stay tune :P


2008 Toronto- nice weather

these cannot be seen in HK in recent days, because toronto steals it!

2008 Toronto- yum yum yum & gathering

the hotel offers simple breakfast including: self-making waffle, cereal, toast and fruits & awful coffee.
one must get bored with the waffles for 7-days......

but, do i make it looks more delicious?

thanks TT for bringing us to the nice restaurant,
i just love english breakfast,
mine was smoked salmon benedict.....yummy....yummy

dinner gathering @ the Chan's
i didn't realize a family with 8 brothers and sisters can make the house so much fun +joy until i met the Chan's.

dipping from Tracy: i give it full marks !!!

everything on the tables are from the brothers+sisters of the Chans.
can you count how many are there?

photo time after dinner.

greek dinner @ greektown
many carbs... keke...

nice meeting nancy & eileen again, both of them are my ex-colleagues who start their new life in the states. wish them every success !


2008 Toronto- Africian Lion Safari

toronto is not that boring as i thought.......
we visited the "africian lion safari", which turned out to be a very surprising trip.
brought the no-face bunny to safari with me.

entrance of the zoo, the weather is too good !

i am the one who always not winning babies' attention,
i don't know why i was attracted by this baby....
she kept smiling at me for like 5 minutes.

found this napkin very lovely with a chain of elephants.

in the zoo, we found something we expected to see:
prey and predator

and something not expected:
the monkeys are peeling off the plastic thing from wind shield,
we can see the car owner was sooooo ....無奈

these 2 escaped from the fence twice !

the gorgeous one !

these 2 chose their own habitat, & stayed away from us !!!

clever boy !

i felt a bit sad when seeing this tho'. {applause}

look at it's mouth..... i cannot help laughing,
click to enlarge if you still cannot see it.

this one wins as my wallpaper of this week.