today, first time eric asked me for opinion about head or tail.

my world only has black or white, but with no grey !
eric always thinks there is grey in the world; and comment about me being a police......
but i don't care.

well, i will only do whatever i think it's right,
justice is what i see very important in my little world.
and i will not only fight for myself, even whoever i know, i will fight for them.

i am happy my hubby is doing sth that is definitely a "right" thing tonight.
he discovered sth, helped to negotiate and settle.
though, he still has some hesitation after he did it...
well, i told him, don't you feel great after doing sth good and right ? and god knows what you did.


all about weddings

white peony (fm mainland) in season !
grap a bunch at HKD70-80 only !!!

sorry for lack of posting.
finished 5 weddings this month with great success.
i can now have a 2-week time to clear my mind,
to brainstorm of something new, and get ready for the 2nd half of the year.

we are lucky, and everything seems running quite smooth,
always meeting nice people, and what is more, these nice people can give us a helping hand.

eric will quit his full time job, and switch to full time focus on wedding design in the coming july.
wish him luck, wish us luck.



what kind of life you are pursuing ?
A) a very stable one, easy, a bit bore......
B) a colorful one fill with challenges, harsh, but rewarded with praises......

before 30, i pick A; after 30, i pick B.
should be the other way round, rite? weird me.

finished 2 big projects last weekend,
i am exhausted, never been that tired before ...... a walking dead man these few days at work....
i am starting to scare about the schedule in Dec.

the client called today, and said thank youssss again to us.
this is really something can push us further.
to a 2-men-band, i think we did amazing works last week,
but there are still many things can be better, can be improved......