100 things about me

so, this is gonna to be crazy... do i know myself that well ?

1. i love flowers, favorite is tulip.
2. my favorite color changes along with time, but orange is always on the top list, but not going to wear it.
3.  i hate working with stupid people
4. i cannot have bell peppers (they make me sick because of stomach gas)
5. i am extremely loyal to those who i consider as "friends", but i have strict selection of friends.
6. i consider myself too "lucky", at least since i was born; and feel blessed with that.
7. i appreciate a lot to the nature
8. i think i am a furious driver
9. i still trust people in this world, haha
10.  i like those mysterious stuff: pyramids, UFO, crop circles.......
11. am currently a lab manager in a local institute and a part time floral designer of weddings
12. i hate doing laundry !
13. reading is my life: currently favorites are books by Dan Brown
14. i do hope i can travel the world in my life
15. totally not a politic gamer, staying away from that
16. i have a brother, he knows lots of things that i don't know, he is kind of cool (don't tell him)
17. i am confident to my instinct (in some way)
18. not particularly like kids
19. i admire those living with a garden
20. i will smile when i see blue sky/ rainbow/ sunset
21. i got sensitive intestine lately......sigh....
22. i am definitely not lucky in lucky-draws
23. i am not an animal lover, my bird was dead when i was 7, and i saw how it died.......
24. i hate people impolite and always complain things
25. my comfort food: creme brûlée

26. past hobbies: pottery (wheeling), cross-stitching, knitting, rubber stamp craving.......
27. present hobbies: flower arrangement, soap making, photography
28. hate: lard, chinese starch sauce, chinese dried oyster
29. i love those travel-illustration books
30. recent favorite artist: Khalil Fong
31. Kyoto is the long term top favorite of city in the world
32. ...... thinking