recent me

so... have been real busy and tired lately.
i mean seriously busy and tired.

trying to grap pieces from my memory now.....

~the throbbing sound in my left ear came back after the flu, annoying.....

~had a fight with eric at one night

~been dealing with some really really "ma fan" ppl

~quite smooth running in recent experiments in lab, and feeling real successful :D

~feeling ridiculous that someone continuously called my parents' home and their cell phones, and even at mid-nights. my brother and i are going to fight back. real piss me off.

~going to macau tomorrow ! real excited about that, which is our first wedding job outside hong kong. real happy that the newly weds invite us to attend the banquet as well .... :P

~feeling extremely blissful that some bride-to-be are trusting our design/ taste in terms of flower arrangement. actually, i am quite happy to discuss with people about flower things.

~met a very helpful and nice salesman from a lighting shop, tho' he was using some very professional terms which we were all ??????? in our heads.....

~ had a nice dinner with my bro last night