what a wonderful wedding

okay, time should be back to normal,
and i hope i should have more time to spend on this blog.
Eric's baby sister, Krima, whose wedding was held yesterday.
yes, eric & i were the destined designer, semi-planner, and florist for the whole wedding.

it was... extremely harsh, making us "big head", spending the most most of the time in brainstorming, but the rewards were exceptionally huge !

okay, i must say, everyone is loving the whole decoration in the banquet, we were hearing the big big big compliments in the night. it was everything to me & eric.

one thing that touched me the most is, the very very famous wedding photographer in HK, Lawrence Tsang, gave us a lots & lots of praises and cheer words. (for those who doesn't know him, must see his works.)
he must have attended sooooooo many weddings, and should have seen many beautiful deco works before; but he told me "sincerely" that ours are the 2nd that he gave so many praises.
he even told me and eric these supporting words separately, which is truly a tremendous force to us to go a step further.

and eric thanks me many many times for all those hardships that he put on me, just because he was too stressful.

and from this experience, i know more about myself that having better organizing/ arrangement ability than i thought.

it was not at all easy to hold a theme wedding,
every detail, every little thing, from planning to making, to perfect.
yes, i am pursuing perfect thingssssss.

start from here, another step further. :D
Merry X'mas to all of you.

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mytabo 說...

please show us some pictures. we all want to see your excellent work!

aileen ♥ motu 說...

so happy for you!!!!

wishing you and eric a happy and wonderful 2010!

dapan 說...

happy for you!
happy new year to you & eric!

aileen ♥ motu 說...

happy new year ashley! have a great year ahead!

ashlee 魚 說...

thanks everyone,
happy 2010 to all of you !