all about weddings

white peony (fm mainland) in season !
grap a bunch at HKD70-80 only !!!

sorry for lack of posting.
finished 5 weddings this month with great success.
i can now have a 2-week time to clear my mind,
to brainstorm of something new, and get ready for the 2nd half of the year.

we are lucky, and everything seems running quite smooth,
always meeting nice people, and what is more, these nice people can give us a helping hand.

eric will quit his full time job, and switch to full time focus on wedding design in the coming july.
wish him luck, wish us luck.

5 則留言:

dapan 說...

best wishes to you and eric. add oil! ^^

ashlee 魚 說...

thanks thanks !
will pass the message to eric !

波比太太 說...

hehe, should be a very good start! Add oil!

ashlee 魚 說...

thanks siu man !

aileen ♥ motu 說...

keep up the good work and all the best!! it is surely a happy job - brings happiness to others and feeling happy at the same time ^_^ what a great job!