a recent design piece

eric throw me a word the other day : "vintage",
and i said, let's get some vintage feel flowers !

love the dirty pink roses instantly when i saw them !
perfect for my vintage flower arrangement !

this becomes my wallpaper now XD

9 則留言:

dapan 說...


mytabo 說...

so vintage! ashley, you are really good at flower arrangement!

ashlee 魚 說...

thanks thanks :P

Fickle Cattle 說...

true, it does have a vintage effect. Very nice.


petit etoile小星星 說...

nice~~~ i like the color tone too...dusty pink~

Fleurish 說...

That is just STUNNING!!!
I love it!

Anna Patricia 說...

Very lovely combination of blossoms Ashley, and your photo was taken beautifully.


aileen ♥ motu 說...

i love it!

Polo 說...

Beautiful flower give the worthy person,right ?