pouched egg

i like pouched eggs, so we went to The Flying Pan to have English breakfast frequently in the past few months because they serve egg Benedict's......

and ''pouched eggs" crossed my mind this morning when i woke up,
i remember vinegar will be required in the boiling water... yea.. i got vinegar in my fridge ! great ! let's breakfast at home !

the preparation time is only very little, tho' we do not have hollandaise sauce, but it still tasted good.....

when i was washing the dishes after breakfast... suddenly i remember something of my childhood.
my dad doesn't know cooking much, he only knows few eggs recipes.. boiled eggs, pan fried crispy eggs... and pouched eggs !
yes, in winter, dad made me 2 pouched eggs in slightly salty water for breakfast before we went to school... that he said could keep us warm in the morning.
i think i didn't have his water pouched eggs after the age of 12 ... and the memories fade along the time.......