black friday, not that black

話說最近一星期要獨自handle 一個"不可能"的實驗,
很多人都未曾成功過,大家拿着similiar 的 experimental protocol,
一早打定輸數, 但老細壓落黎, 點都要做, i'm so poor.

一開始, preparation work 就己經很頭痛,
單是預備一樽二樽的chemical 己很煩.
整個week 都很大壓力......因為抱着的心態是"實驗不可能會成功"! 做來幹麼?!!!!!

result星期四出, 結果是找不到 positive signals.
沮喪, 沮喪, 勁沮喪 !
下一步 trobleshooting, 太多steps 可以modify,
又冇人可以問 ?! 嗚....感覺好孤獨....

星期五, 見老細.
攞住四張片叫老細自己睇.....她竟然說有positive signals!!!
okay, whatever you say, you are the boss.
還對我說:"you are making a good progress" (魚想: 大佬呀, 我第一以做咋!) & "hurray" (比我還興奮???) !
雖然到呢一刻我還有小小懷疑, 但...um, 我可能overlook了.
anyway, protocol 還是要再 fine tune.
but feel more relieve now.

need to get some rest during weekend to face the challenges of the coming week.

happy valentine's day to all of you !

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匿名 說...

I hope "she" is not as over-imaginative as Steve or Xiong. Eistein has a motto of "Imagination is more important than Knowledge". :-)

Would you ask Vincent for help?

Siu Jac

aileen :: motu 說...

add oil!!! support u. and happy valentine's day to you

ashlee 魚 說...

thanks thanks...aileen

to jac,
vincent... last time i heard their ISH is 時得時唔得... so as Leo & the girl Ah Yan leant from him....

that's a v. weird expt..... i donno.