soap making VI: sweet romance

想做一批帶松樹香味的皂, 上次在兆成行買了松のessential oil, 愛死它的味道, 因為嗅着也有潔淨感, so refreshing !
本來"松"應該配合綠色才對, 但我只有red clay (而且是還剩下很多?!).......

又來玩分兩層色, 深一點的紅加淺紅.
跟據上次的經驗, 顏色會隨着熟成的時間而略為變淡一點.
所以, 這次下面那層加多了許多red clay.
上層會變baby pink 就好了.
皂上面加了點上次剩下來米色的皂碎, 有點像 nuts !
因為加入castor oil, trace 的速度頗快. 好在眼明手快入摸.
batch size: 600g

ingredients :
olive oil 50%
castor oil 15%
coconut oil 15%
jojoba oil 10%
palm oil 10%

red reef clay
pine essential oil 5ml

4 則留言:

aileen :: motu 說...

wow! it looks like sorbet! yummy!

joanna 說...

really nice!! i could imagine the fresh smell!! hm...

~米雪~ 說...

nice... ^^
u can make some for sale!!!
is it suitable for BB too?

ashlee 魚 說...

thanks for your compliments, aileen n joanna.

to michelle,
yes, handmade soap are very mild, without SLS (& other chemical) which causes itchy to skin, so they are suitable for babes.

i donno about selling the soaps, as i think they are way too pricy in terms of the cost; plus, we have to wait for 1-2 months to use, & cannot make in mass production unless i have a workshop / studio ?!

& i am not very satisfy with their appearence... not perfect enough... i think...keke..so...