his birthday cake

so, he has been longing for this cake for years......
the cake was highly recommended by so sze wong few years ago, but we didn't get a chance to order it. their IFC counter was closed previously, thanks for the citysuper staff who told me where the shop moved.

the cake can now order at one bar, exchange square.

look at the cream, so thick !

the best part is the caramel 噹噹糖.

however, we are kind of disappointed about it,
the cream & cake part are really not that tasty.

we both think starbucks coffee wins ! which is a lot cheaper than one bar tim !!!

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aileen :: motu 說...

happy birthday!

dapan 說...

happy belated birthday to him! ^_^

did you ever try the one from 美心? is that good?

Ashley 說...

thanks thanks !
we haven't tried 美心's, but can tell you Starbucks' is good !

Brittany 說...

It looks very delicious!! :P

ashlee 魚 說...

hi, Brittany's dad?

thanks for stopping by my blog,
both my hubby and i like your girl very much, she is adorable :P