a precious holiday

it's so nice to have a holiday today (HKU foundation day, staff and students are free !)

what i have done today:
dim sum with mom & dad,
groceory shopping,
prepare chinese soup & dinner,
home cleaning (where the dust come from???) ,
bought 8 fishes for the fishy tank,
bought a bunch of flower for myself,
laundry, laundry and laundry (i hate this the most !) ,
prepare our kensai trip schedule on the coming thursday (omg, still haven't decided a concrete plan) .

tired but happie :P

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dapan 說...

i have the same question with you everyday. "where does the dust come from?" :(

aileen :: motu 說...

hahaha i find a lot of your words familiar: "a precious holiday"... definitely! even one day is good... better than nothing and we must make sure we use it well! and of course all the dust! i don't open the windows often but some how the dust find their way into our home! how annoying!!! and yes yes... doing laundry! i did two rounds of laundry on monday! so busy back and forth the kitchen and the hallway, hanging up the washed clothes for drying!! ^_^

joanna 說...

these pink daisies are one of my favorite!! but beware of worms near the time when they wilt out!! quite yucky that one!! ~~

ashlee 魚 說...

yes, we close all the windows during daytime when we're all at work, & i'm very impressed that eric's mom can make her home zero dust !

aileen :: motu 說...

hey, have fun in kansai! take pictures for us!

largeheadboy 說...

Do have a great trip! ^t^