little sweet & romantic

i wish i have a garden,
i wish i have a garden with lots of roses,
so i can pick few back home everyday,
put them in a small glass jar & admire them .....
this is sweet.

if i forgot to pick them one day,
someone will bring them home for me,
this must be romantic.

3 則留言:

dapan 說...

pretty pretty! ^^

Yun 說...

i was surprised to hear "iron & wine" on your site... then after googling, I realized the song was from "Twilight"! (which I didn't see...)

i have their CD, good stuff.

i love kyoto very much too. :)

ashlee 魚 說...

to Yun,
oh, you know them as well ?
hehe.. i just know this song from them and of course because of the movie.. i like it very much tho'

thanks for visiting here ^^