2009 Kansai : zakka 探險@堀江區

junkei building 是我出發前在網上找到的, 旅遊書也沒有寫呀.

這裡有design house, zakka shop......

souvenir du mondo 是我很喜愛的店

店裡放有附近zakka shop 的咭片及資料, 形成小小community的network.

Raconter 令我捨不得走, 每樣東西拿上手都想買.

Momo nature 售賣女性化的無印類products+ furnitures...... 可惜時間不早, 只逗留了很短時間.

在酒店拍下在Afternoon Tea買來的可愛玻璃品.

其他戰利品, 有時間再拍吧........

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joanna 說...

oh all are so wonderful!! thanks for sharing!!

dapan 說...


aileen :: motu 說...

wah wah wah!!! thanks for sharing!!! i must definitely go to this place should i ever go to kansai! i will go crazy there!!! i love the lace monogram and lace stickers (are they stickers?) in the fourth picture! the glass with lace is too pretty!!!! show us the rest of your *victory items* when you have time!