agnes b le pain grille @ festival walk

we visited agnes b le pain grille again !
we had a very good experience last time (valentine's day) at the restaurant @ kingston street,
and so did this time @ festival walk.
this time, we order set dinnner as recommended by the waiters,
they claimed that it includes all the best dishes from their menu.
le pain grille = bread
freshly baked little bread, love it !!!
sorry that the quality of photos are bad,
as we both didn't bring camera with us on normal working day,
so you can see the quality of photo taken with iphone 200Mpx
under an extremely dark environment.
and of course, i did a little photoshop for these photos, otherwise......

this petite four starter are very nice,
the goose liver is extremely yummy; we both love it.

side order, baby blue (baby mussels) in white sauce,
the famous dish from the restaurant.
heavenly taste, and is a must try dish !!!
highly recommend !!!
the decor is very different from other shops.
this one is hip & modern.

main dish with grill prawn & ternderloin, both are nice !

assorted dessert, the chocolate cake is tasteful !!!

address: UG33, festival walk, kowloon tong
website: http://www.agnesb-lepaingrille.com/

2 則留言:

aileen :: motu 說...

i also like its decor v. much!

ashlee/ 魚 說...

i like the leighton rd shop more tho', more french style ma... :P
the one on kingston's street is good too. have u been to those 2?