take a break

so everything is ready,
and we are going to phuket next week ! hurray !

will stay in this resort because there are too many good comments !
will report when back.

actually we are going to celebrate our 4th anniversary there :P

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dapan 說...

have fun!

petit etoile小星星 說...

congrats on your anniversary! it's such a good idea to celebrate by going on a trip!

i wish me and mr. P can go away for a few days...but with 2 boys...it's harder then one can imagine~

ashlee 魚 說...

thanks dapan.

wendy, thanks and time flies; maybe you can go next year, maybe take Gabriel and leave the youngest at home sin la.....

匿名 說...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Siu Jac

mytabo 說...

OMG, the resort is so so so so amazing!!! Luxury, beautiful, i don't know how to describe! Remember to take lots of pictures and share with us.

Congratulation on your 4th anniversary! Wish everyday is happy day for the two of you.

ashlee 魚 說...

thank you mytabo !