still there

i was pretty upset last weekend, and didn't sleep well that night.
i thought i have put it down already, but actually not....
still here... so i have to speak it out at least in here !

feel like being "used" and took advanges by others.....

i still see "friendship" exists in this world, but just don't use the word wrongly.

I cannot stand that guy, after seeing the design, and told us it's not worthing;
but he then took the design for his own use !
what the hell ????
can i sue him ?

eric said 豪俾佢.....but i am still *@%XYZ$?&*#
it's not the matter of $ (i see this in very low priority),
it's the matter of trust and respect.

don't call me friend. plz.

4 則留言:

dapan 說...

ashlee, there are just too many unethical people in the world!

ashlee 魚 說...

@_@... Freda.. i doono... sigh...

aileen ♥ motu 說...

i feel for you..... unfortunately there are these type of ppl in our world... hope you won't come across such ppl ever again.

ashlee 魚 說...

as a matter of fact, we are meeting some trouble ppl once per year... so, counting 3 up till now... "lucky", i think, only 3.
and the rest of clients are lovely!