Oasis Spa Phuket 2010

on the next day, we booked a 4-hrs spa treatment via here
it was a different experience compared to the Bangkok one.

the environment is very village feel.

we particularly like the cold towel (smell lavender to me !)
and the cold ginger welcome drink.

tho' the weather at Phuket is not as hot as we thought,
and in fact, it's very dry & with sea breeze lots of time~~
but no air-con there at Oasis Spa !~~
to us, the hk ppl,
i do mind the occasion visiting of flies .... @_@

first time tried the 4-hands massage....
um... i still like the Thai massage better :P

7 則留言:

aileen ♥ motu 說...

i love ginger drinks!!!!

joanna 說...

looks really nice!!

ashlee 魚 說...

yes yes, and lemongrass drink is great as well !


petit etoile小星星 說...

how was the 4 hands massage?? sounds real luxurious~~

k.nantawan 說...


how's your trip in Thailand. Hope you enjoy your life here. I like Phuket and enjoy like there. I live in BKK, Thailand. I just found your blog and know that you make soap, wow!!!. Anyway you haven't updated your soap. Have you still made them. I start search soap making info. I think you can help me.

nice to meet you,

ashlee 魚 說...


thanks for stopping by my little blog.
yes, we love Thailand !!!
BKK and Phuket are great !

by the way, i am planning to resume the soap making work very soon, now is preparing the infused oil with alkane root (want to make purple color soap), you will see my new post again in 2 weeks ! finger crossed !


tn 說...

So cool life environment.I also want to have like this style life.