Phuket 2010

basically, it has been a really long time that we haven't traveled.
last time was March 2009 ???
we want a real "hea" trip this time, no shopping, so we picked this resort which located at the north of Phuket island, quite far from the "downtown" Patong area.

there are some great pictures from the hotel website, and searched some nice comments from the net of this hotel..

so, pictures first :

the reception area

corridor leading to the lobby

the outdoor lobby

so, you'll see it looks soooooo quiet ~~

we picked the pool villa, and this is the front gate

love the details everywhere

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波比太太 說...

我睇 Eric 影的相, 這間 Villa 真係超超超靚啊~

dapan 說...

兩個字: 羨慕!