my ranking in facebook

just noticed this in my facebook :
Ashley's peers have voted her

Best dinner companion (really? maybe just because i'm not too picky... i just don't like animals' intestines, dried oysters, "fat" things like 扣肉 & skins... i think that is all.)

Most creative (i don't see myself very "creative", as i have met too many creative ppl.)

Most helpful (i do agree for this one, as for those who are once regarded as friends, i will put all my afforts to help them unconditionally !)

Most entertaining (who voted me for this? really want to know! i sing good karaoke songs.. ha.... and my 爛 gags work sometimes !)

Best travel companion (really? oh.. yea... i do like to do a lot of researches for every trip planning, you can count on me.)

Most adventurous (ha... this one... 50/50, i am conservative in a way but like to take challenges too !)

#2 most fashionable (no comment about this, but i do like fashion; was once in this bussiness for half year.)

#2 most useful (i believe 天生我材必有用)

#2 best room-mate (why???? have no clue at all, i don't like pillow talks ?! but you can have my eye-cream.)
#2 best dancer (definitely NOT!)

very funny, these are actually voted by my friends who suppose to know me in certain extent.

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aileen :: motu 說...

we should go karaoke together!

ashlee 魚 說...

hey, u like karaoke too?
let me practice sin, so then go together :P