take a break

to aileen & momo,
welcome to take some cherries :P
we all need to take a break in the middle of daily busy chores...
今天讀了兩位bloggers的文章, 有感而發.

其實, 今天我 take 了一日 day-off.
早上起來頭痛欲裂, 大王問我是否不上班, 我只考慮了5 mins, 即便再倒頭大睡.
到9am, 打電話及電郵交待過公務後, 便開始私人的一天.

1. 花了2 小時, 回覆團績了 1 week 的wedding clients' e-mails.
2. make phone calls to those potential clients.
3. had a brunch with no hurry !
4. 洗了兩機衫+簡單的執屋....
5. 開新blog, 關於自己旅遊經歷, 其實是將以前的舊blog的旅行文章搬過去.... (尚未完成).
6. 在這個blog 加入了 favorite music 的function...
覺得自己超級productive, 尤其是 (1).... feel relieve now.

sometimes, i'll escape from work to take a break to do my favorite things (without feeling guilty at all).

6 則留言:

~米雪~ 說...

u really have a productive dayoff wor~~
i love to have dayoff during weekdays!!! ^^

aileen :: motu 說...

this is so sweet of you!!! thx thx thx!!!

indeed a productive day for you... good for you! and yes, just like ~米雪~, i like taking day off on weekdays... the streets are less busy, the shops are less crowded... feel like you are breathe for a change!

can't wait to see your travel blog and additions to your music list... =)

aileen :: motu 說...

forgot to mention, how do you find time to manage your day job and your wedding business? amazing!

ashlee 魚 說...

yes yes, 我咪就係middle of the week 請假囉. 所以上星期三打風放假, 我咪响屋企 yeah 晒... ha ha....

to aileen,
冇架, 好彩我份正職唔算太忙, 可以準時1730收工.
我會schedule 平時after office hour or weekend 見客, e-mail 就squeeze time 回覆.
想起 wedding peak season 就快來就頭痛. 其實今年已經偷懶了很多喇, 接少咗d 細job.

kaekae 說...

wah...you are really a super woman arr... our group of girlfriends (including aileen) we always can't find time to manage a side business of our own arr... what you are doing now... make me want to WORKHARDER... maybe we can really do it!!

匿名 說...

u are so tough! stick to a interest and side business is not easy, keep going :)