crocheting 101

spent less than 15 mins to finish this.
the initial A is my new order from felissimo, i'm loving it.
the lace is a newly bought item, love it too !

bought 2 needles today, 1 is from clover; whereas the other is plastic made with 2 sizes on 2 ends.
spent few hours to learn crocheting at a yarn shop this afternoon.
the shop lady is nice and patient enough to teach 4 beginners at one time.

seems to me that crocheting is more difficult than knitting ?!
but my mom said once i master it, i will love crocheting more....
i donno about that yet. but find it's quite challenging to read the pattern graph.

5 則留言:

aileen :: motu 說...

very pretty!!!

i have also ordered the motif from felissimo... but my order hasn't arrived yet =(

looks like you are having a very productive weekend!

ashlee 魚 說...

hey aileen,

i have all been praying for getting the initial A stamps instead of the other 3... but this one is not bad when i received them :P

kaekae 說...

are we going to see some crochet pieces from you soon?

mytabo 說...

knitting 還可以﹐

ashlee 魚 說...

start making little doily, i kept counting wrongly.... sigh....