yum yum yum

our favorite season comes, time for delicious food.

what is better than spending time to have great food with family?

we ordered 25pcs this time, every single one was great !
all of us are full tonight !

i used to like the sweet ginger soup more after the meal,
but in recent couple years, i start to like the crabs :P

4 則留言:

karen 說...

what a big crab, so delicious :p

aileen :: motu 說...

will be my turn to have "crab" dinner this weekend! i love the ginger soup too!

kaekae 說...

i have "big gate crab" too!! i had mine last sat too arr... yummy yummy!!

ashlee 魚 說...

haha.. good good...
the crabs are real good this year, enjoy la !