new project II + sth else this week

finished these 2 last week,
i have a headache in picking suitable photos,
may go out for some shooting tomorrow.

just finished a video making of our invitation card samples for some overseas clients,
hey, i think i did a pretty good job.
add an oldies "these foolish things" by rod steward in the video clip,
i love this kind of oldies, especially when on the ride back home after a day of work.

pretty exhausted this week, due to the heavy work load in day time.
"motor-hands" in doing experiments, one after one followed tightly;
no time to think at all.
i don't like that. :(

bought Jay Chou's new CD, same same as before, very Jay.

bought Ivana Wong's too ! loving it. this album includes the songs that she wrote for other artists. and she sings definitely better than many others.
e.g. 《多愁善感》original ly by 劉德華, the new arrangment by Ivana is superb;
《小黑與我》Ivana definitely brings out the mood

been listening to Carla Bruni's (the france's first lady) songs lately...
love her voice, and the music arrangment are good too ! very different from the ordinary ones!
hightly recommend ar ! i put some of her songs in the playlist, you will hear them when reading this blog.

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匿名 說...

Would you consider switching March's picture to Feb?? I know it may be too boring to have roses in Valentine's month.

Siu Jac

ashlee 魚 說...

ha.. that's a good idea... :P
how was your montreal trip?

匿名 說...

It will be perfect without Brownies. Those Brownies mommies and kids were like endless Chatterboxes, running here and there and making N-O-I-S-E-S! The 16-hrs ride with the killer group on the same bus (with 3 hrs break in between) prompted us to make a decision- - - - NO KIDS!!!

Siu Jac

aileen :: motu 說...

how many brand new songs are there in ivana's new album??

yeah i love carla bruni's voice too...

ashlee 魚 說...

to aileen,
see below:

01. 我來自火星 (New)
02. 永遠幾遠 (New)
03. 玻璃色 (New)
04. 花灑 (古巨基)
05. 郎來了 (楊千嬅)
06. 小黑與我 (薛凱琪)
07. 呼天不應 (容祖兒)
08. 戀上你的床 (鄭秀文)
09. 多愁善感 (劉德華)
10. 情比紙薄 (李克勤)
11. 許願池的希臘少女 (國語-蔡依琳)
12. 我來自火星 (Infinity Journey Mix)

ashlee 魚 說...

brownies?! mexian?
yes.. i always think it's noisy+headache when there is full of children running around in a restaurant or sth.
16 hrs ride... almost like flying fom HK to Tor !!! you should come back instead la !