black monday

i have experienced the most horrible black monday ever.
everything was not right.
there were obstacles/ bombs everywhere.
almost cried out yesterday.

wish me luck & have a smoother weekdays...

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匿名 說...

Hai..... what's going wrong?
I don't have a smooth start in this week as well, good luck to both of us la~~~

Siu Man

匿名 說...

Take it easy. There is Murphy's Law. But you can accommodate by adjusting your attitude towards the bad luck.

Smile :-)

Siu Jac

aileen :: motu 說...

先苦後甜! you will very soon have brighter days!! hang in there!

ashlee 魚 說...

dear friends,
thanks for your words and support.
luckily, i am better these few days @_@

everytime i've encountered obstacles, i thought to quit.
real considering this now.

Stephanie 說...

why so "black" ah?
i'm all ears! can i help?

joanna 說...

hope your are having much much better luck already!!

kaekae 說...

next week (next month) will be a good week... i had a bad tue too... let's look forward to something good in dec la...