sth must share today

went to spotlight today, the lace curtain are on-sale!!!
all ready-to-use curtain are 50% off !!!
guess how much is this piece (2.5m x 1.6m)?
just only HKD69!!!

i didn't pick those rosy ones, but found this classy pattern, my love !

you can pick the "drop lenght" in any pattern that you want !
so simple !
1. the price may varied in different pattern
2. better have the measurment in your hand first (no refund/exchange for the fabric) !
3. minimum order:1 meter

the section is okay huge with many choices & i will definitely go back there once again few days later.

the 50% off sale will last till 20th this month !
better hurry !

3 hrs free parking on sat/sun/ph (if enter b4 12noon) at Megabox
or free for HKD200 purchases (other time!)

suddenly love this place &as we cannot find such similiar place in HK.

i feel a bit sad to see the staff are standing everywhere.. chatting...starring at 1 point with no focus in their eyes...and basically, there is not much customers around.
(tho' shops in shum shui po are a lot cheaper for buying buttons, ribbons, fabrics...)
i hope it will not close down so soon.....

3 則留言:

kaekae 說...

wah!! very nice buy arr!! and thanks for the info arr!! looks like there are many choice wor... hole gun cheung arr...

ashlee 魚 說...

yea.. go and see see la...
i bet you must find sth u like there !

aileen :: motu 說...

yeah totally agree with you... every time i go, there are more staff than customers in the store.... i hope it will not close down... there are so few places like this one in hk.... will be very sad for us to see it disappear...