new project

attended a soap-making class on saturday night at prince edward,
this ginger soap is a gift from teacher linda & her brother-in-law.

i learned not only the chemistry of NaOH+H2O+oil=soap (hey the F.4 chem !), but also the calculation of INS, SAP values, which are v. important in soap making.

my "products" are now setting for 24hrs to become solidified,
& then 4-6 more weeks to maturation,
hope they can be ready as X'mas gifts !

handmade soaps are good for those who have itchy skin after using the shower gel,
it also good for the environment as they will be decomposed by CO2 in 24 hrs.
with the additions of different oil, essential oil or herbal powder,
the value & function of the handmade soup is added ! :P

4 則留言:

匿名 說...

I have itchy skin! I want one - - a unique special one from you!!!
You seem having a happy weekned! :-)

Siu Jac

ashlee 魚 說...

sure will count you one !
will let SMA to bring it to you :P

aileen :: motu 說...

i didn't know making soap was so scientific before joanna showed me how! but it is good fun and even better, make soap that is suitable for our own skin type and nice aroma!

joanna 說...

that's a lovely picture!! makes me want to get that lovely dish too!! haha!!

i'm glad you enjoyed it!! linda is a very nice lady!!

hope to see your creations soon!!