2008 Toronto- Africian Lion Safari

toronto is not that boring as i thought.......
we visited the "africian lion safari", which turned out to be a very surprising trip.
brought the no-face bunny to safari with me.

entrance of the zoo, the weather is too good !

i am the one who always not winning babies' attention,
i don't know why i was attracted by this baby....
she kept smiling at me for like 5 minutes.

found this napkin very lovely with a chain of elephants.

in the zoo, we found something we expected to see:
prey and predator

and something not expected:
the monkeys are peeling off the plastic thing from wind shield,
we can see the car owner was sooooo ....無奈

these 2 escaped from the fence twice !

the gorgeous one !

these 2 chose their own habitat, & stayed away from us !!!

clever boy !

i felt a bit sad when seeing this tho'. {applause}

look at it's mouth..... i cannot help laughing,
click to enlarge if you still cannot see it.

this one wins as my wallpaper of this week.

2 則留言:

~米雪~ 說...

i felt a bit sad when seeing this tho'<--- same feeling as me..
these are wild animals not performers... >-<

the little bunny is so lucky that it can travel around w/ u~^^

aileen :: motu 說...

i like your bunny!!! and yes.. poor animals... human beings are sometimes too "dominating"...