2008 Toronto- St.Jacobs

thanks terence for taking us to st.jacobs,
a small town filled with crafts & village stuff.

a bit chill on the day with lovely sun.

pottery, woodcraft, painting, sewing..... can all find inside.

if i own a garden, they will be all on the field.

the sunday market at st.jacobs,
we didn't get any veggi or fresh fruits, tho' they look very attractive.

i didn't know i shot the hand of my friend until i reviewed the photos yesterday.
thanks jana for being my model.
you add a sense of humanity to the photo.

yum yum.... but i didn't get one.

i like the light of this photo.

mennonites are found in st.jacobs, canada too...

kind of scary.....to me....

flowers decorate in this town... everywhere !!!

love this photo too ! he he...

haha..newly added, accidently find TT in the photo.

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aileen :: motu 說...

the all in one craft shop looks very interesting! did you get anything from there?

匿名 說...

so lovely scene, i like the leaf in canada, can i hv one? hehe