2008 Toronto- at the banquet

i love this cake top !
jac, remember to find the A+E letters for me, please !
i am thinking to put them on my christmas tree !

the gift box fm my elegant wedding... yes. my wed bussiness !
looks good with light green ribbon !

this is such a beautiful venue for wedding banquet !

jac's sisters were helping in the decoration,
the wedding theme was green+ivory,
love every details and flower arrangement !

i like this photo the most, you see jac's happy smile !

not the traditional one for chinese tea ceremony,
but are really cute !

i do think girls look good when wearing chinese gwa.
appreciate the details of gold and silver emboridery.

the dress is more loose than before !!!
happy for you !

pretty cake decorated with green orchid and champagne roses.

oh, missed photos tim...

champagne & rose

5 則留言:

~米雪~ 說...

wow... i like the cake top too...
it's not tailor-made?

ashlee 魚 說...

i saw some of them on the internet, those can be purchased online.
But this one with rhinestones are very pretty to me.

aileen :: motu 說...

i like the cake too! so much nicer than the ones we usually see... and it's real!

Phoebe's father 說...

Nice photos, beautiful bride! Well done, Ashlee.

ashlee 魚 說...

to phoebe's father,

thanks thanks :P

to aileen,
it's more common in HK weddings with real cake now, but are pricy lor....