2008 Toronto-a wedding to remember

it's not easy to be a wedding photographer,
i cannot be a professional, as the heavy gears kill me.

to me, photography is something to be enjoy, & to capture the beauty of life.
so, i like the motto of lomography "don't think, just shoot",
need not to considerate this or that, (but of course you better have the knowledge of Av/Tv stuff).

it's the honor to take jac&nero's wedding snap.
& glad that i have few shots that i think they are quite okay ! {~thuil~}
hope the couples will like them.

i need to do some editing on the photos,
so, stay tune :P

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aileen :: motu 說...

yes, agree! don't think, just shoot...

i think being a wedding photographer is one of the most meaningful and happiest job one can find!