2008 Toronto- yum yum yum & gathering

the hotel offers simple breakfast including: self-making waffle, cereal, toast and fruits & awful coffee.
one must get bored with the waffles for 7-days......

but, do i make it looks more delicious?

thanks TT for bringing us to the nice restaurant,
i just love english breakfast,
mine was smoked salmon benedict.....yummy....yummy

dinner gathering @ the Chan's
i didn't realize a family with 8 brothers and sisters can make the house so much fun +joy until i met the Chan's.

dipping from Tracy: i give it full marks !!!

everything on the tables are from the brothers+sisters of the Chans.
can you count how many are there?

photo time after dinner.

greek dinner @ greektown
many carbs... keke...

nice meeting nancy & eileen again, both of them are my ex-colleagues who start their new life in the states. wish them every success !

2 則留言:

aileen :: motu 說...

the waffle and dipping sauce looks really yummy!!! and it surely looks like a very happy gathering!

ashlee 魚 說...

yup, the dipping was really good.
you want the receipe?
i am asking the host for it now !