have a sip

to jac,
i got this coffee pot last week from starbucks coffee,
it's bodum, pretty pattern on it.
thanks for your nice coffee !

watching the show "coffee confidential" hosts by moses chan now,
a very serious show talks about coffee and cafe over the world.

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aileen :: motu 說...

oh yes i have watched it too. the last episode was quite funny (and scary... the cat and the coffee...) hahaha. we also bought a coffee machine and every night he is making coffee. hahaha

匿名 說...

Glad you enjoyed the Second Cup!
I am going to enjoy the bath with your soap gift! yay!

Siu Jac

joanna 說...

i have wanted to buy this pot too! does it make good coffee?

ashlee 魚 說...

to aileen,
coffee machine... the advanced one?
wao !

to jac,
tell me how u feel after using it.
remember use the gloves to generate lots of foam first.

to joanna,
yes, i think it's quite good;
in terms of it's function and price. i have compared many similar ones from different places.

dapan 說...

i have a bodum french press too, but i didn't use much.

joanna 說...

thanks, ashley! i should definitely get one...when i can finally drink coffee!! ^__^