2 crazy shoppers

2 crazy shoppers just bought 5d mark II after dinner (with less than 5 minutes of serious thought to make a decision).

4 則留言:

~米雪~ 說...

wow.... dun let tai siu knows this..
or he will ask for one too... -_-"

haha... looking forward to seeing yr photossss!!!

波比太太 說...

wooooooooo~~~ How come!?
New Year gift to encourage you two to work harder? hehe~

Phoebe's father 說...

It is definitely a good decision. Waiting for your master piece.

ashlee 魚 說...

does Tai Siu have a blog? want to see see his photos ar !

um.. subsidized a bit on top of our red pocket $... he he...
yes, work harder and play harder !

to goya,
no masterpiece la, try my best la!