gift idea: iwood

i found this very neat iphone protective cage from miniot abouit a week before x'mas,
& decided as x'mas gift for eric immediately.

tho' the shippment is late as a x'mas gift (we received it this thursday),

eric loves it. i think most of the men will like it.

checked on the internet, said shops @ sin tat also help ppl to make order,
but the price is > double than order online.
so, why not order by ourselves ?

to tim: eric asks your comment about it, pretty?

5 則留言:

~米雪~ 說...

it looks good wor...
i want to order one for myself tim..
is it expensive?

dapan 說...

OMG.. you got this cage!
i love that so much, very very pretty!

joanna 說...

this is gorgeous indeed!! i think even a girl would love it!! hehe

ashlee 魚 說...

it's roughly around HKD1000.
get 1 for Dai Siu la :P

mytabo 說...

我無ipod or iphone﹐